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Courts: District Court in Trebinje

13 March 2015

Vukovic Sentenced to Year and a Half in Prison

The District Court in Trebinje sentenced Milenko Vukovic to one and a half years in prison for war crimes in Nevesinje.
10 March 2015

Vukovic Testifies in Own Defense, Claims not to Know Victims

Testifying on his own behalf, defendant Milenko Vukovic told the District Court in Trebinje that he doesn’t know the victims in the case against him.
29 January 2015

Vukovic on Division Line in Brstenik Village

As the trial of Milenko Vukovic continues before the District Court in Trebinje, a Defence witness says that, on June 17, 1992 the indictee was on the division line in Brstenik village and not in Nevesinje.
11 December 2014

Witnesses Do not Remember Who Beat them in Nevesinje

As the trial of Milenko Vukovic continues before the District Court in Trebinje, Defence witnesses are not able to confirm that the indictee mistreated them in Nevesinje in mid June 1992.

19 June 2014

Trebinje Court Rejects Custody Order Motion

The Trebinje District Court rejects a custody order motion for Milenko Vukovic from Nevesinje, who was arrested on Wednesday due to a suspicion that he committed crimes against the civilian population.

29 April 2014

No Indictments Filed for Two Years

The District Court in Trebinje has not dealt with any new war-crimes cases during the past two years, because no indictments have been filed by the Prosecution in that period. 
5 September 2013

Renovation of Courtroom in Trebinje Completed

Renovation of a courtroom in the District Court in Trebinje has been completed this week. The renovation, which included setting equipment for audio and video recording, was undertaken with the aim of improving capacities for processing of war crimes.
1 July 2013

Man Arrested on Suspicion of War Crimes

The Bosnian Border Police have arrested a man on suspicion he took part in war crimes against civilians.
17 May 2012

Local Justice - Stevanovic: Guilty Verdict for Foca War Crimes

The District Court in Trebinje, Republika Srpska, found Ranko Stevanovic guilty of war crimes committed in Foca in 1992 and sentenced him to 14 years in prison.
13 January 2012

Local Justice – Stevanovic: Hearing Closed to Public

The trial of Ranko Stevanovic, who is charged with war crimes against the civilian population in Foca municipality, before the District Court in Trebinje begins with examination of two Prosecution witnesses at a closed hearing.
7 October 2011

Local Justice - Trebinje: Verdict for Torture in Detention Camps

The Basic Court in Trebinje pronounces a verdict, ordering the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to pay KM 100,000 to Olga Drasko as compensation for the torture she suffered during the course of her detention in Dretelj detention camp, near Capljina from the beginning of May to August 1992.
27 November 2008

Selecting Priorities in War Crimes Processing

Disagreements over which trials should be held before the State Court, and which should go before lower courts, will continue until a war-crimes strategy finally sorts out the issue of case referral.

16 March 2006

Republika Srpska ready to punish war crimes

War crimes trials in Bosnia’s smaller entity are on increase, mainly due to the establishment of the state War Crimes Chamber, but their success depends on the support of local and foreign institutions.