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Courts: International Court of Justice

2 October 2013

Visibility of Justice Allows for Fair Trials

Vasvija Vidovic, a long-time lawyer with legal experience before domestic and international institutions, writes about the necessity for publicity of criminal proceedings and denies criticism that witnesses can be influenced in their testimonies by media reports.

11 July 2013

Thousands Join Srebrenica Anniversary Commemorations

Huge crowds of mourners gathered in Bosnia for the 18th anniversary commemoration ceremony and the symbolic burial of the remains of more than 400 victims of the 1995 genocide.
5 April 2013

Create Conditions for Revision of Verdict

Prepare new pieces of evidence, present new facts and initiate a revision of the verdict by the International Court of Justice in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Serbia and Montenegro – this is a message of a book titled “The International Court of Justice – Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Serbia and Montenegro” that was promoted in the premises of the Law Faculty in Kiseljak.

6 November 2012

Karadzic Requests Final Genocide Acquittal

Radovan Karadzic has asked the Hague Tribunal to reject the prosecution’s appeal of a decision by which he was acquitted of genocide in seven Bosnian municipalities.
23 January 2008

ICJ Verdict Still Not Translated

Although the International Court of Justice's verdict in the case of Bosnia against Serbia was pronounced almost a year ago, state officials in BiH have still not agreed which institution should manage its translation.
26 February 2007

Hague Court Acquits Serbia of Genocide

Blow to Sarajevo as judges rule Belgrade did not aid or abet genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992-5 war.
26 February 2007

Dismay and Jubilation Over Hague Court Judgment

While Bosniak survivors of war were most furious, many Serbs hailed the verdict as victory of common sense.