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Courts: Supreme Court of Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina

28 March 2011

Defence Lawyers Complain of Unfair Treatment

Attorneys for war-crime indictees before local courts say they don’t get the same help that prosecutors do - and wait too long to get paid.
2 March 2011

Local Justice – Smajic: Verdict of Release Confirmed

Izet Smajic, former member of the reserve police forces, has been acquitted, under a second instance verdict, of the charges that he wounded a Yugoslav People's Army soldier in Tuzla in May 1992.

19 January 2011

Local Justice – Despot: Appeals by Prosecution and Defence

Appeals have been presented before the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina against the verdict for Zeljko Despot, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for having killed two civilians in Kljuc municipality in 1992.

11 January 2011

Local Justice – Ahmetasevic: Custody Extended for Two Months

The Cantonal Court in Bihac has ordered a two-month extension of custody of Senad Ahmetasevic, who is charged with war crimes against prisoners of war.

30 December 2010

Zdravko Knezevic: Gordian Knot Hampers Bosnia’s War Crimes Strategy

Federation entity’s Chief Prosecutor is optimistic that Bosnia can meet deadlines to resolve outstanding cases, but only if certain conditions are met.
9 December 2010

Local Justice - Jovicic: Ten Years in Prison

The Appellate Chamber of the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has partially upheld the appeal filed by the Defence, reducing the sentence against Nemanja Jovicic to ten years in prison for crimes committed in Hadzici municipality in 1992.
19 November 2009

Future of Genocide Trials Hangs on Karadzic Verdict

Bosnian prosecutors still hesitate at filing indictments for genocide but some rights activists believe this may change once the trial of the former Bosnian Serb leader is over.
1 October 2008

Bosnia ‘Needs to Unify Criminal Codes’

Sarajevo _ Constitutional reforms need to be stepped up and the Criminal code must be unified, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe urges Bosnia in a new resolution.
2 September 2008

Veselinovic: Brutal abuse of detainees

A Prosecution witness recalls the detention camp in which he was held after having been captured in Musici village, near Hadzici, in May 1992.
26 September 2007

Alic: Coffee Break With SIPA Investigator

The indictee's defence team notices 36 "substantial differences" between the witness' statement given in the courtroom and the one given to a SIPA investigator.
4 June 2007

Mejakic et al: Omarska's women

Protected prosecution witness speaks about sexual abuse that she suffered in detention camp Omarska.
12 January 2007

Bosnian Criminal Code fulfils international standards

OSCE Mission comments on applicability of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has prompted a hunger strike of some of the accused.

30 June 2006

The week ahead: Three trials next week

Presentation of evidence in two cases will take place next week before the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of BiH, while closing statements are due in the trial of Boban Simsic.