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Courts: Elementary Court of Brcko District

28 October 2014

Verdict against Hadzic and Hodzic on Friday

After the Defence of Galib Hadzic and Nijaz Hodzic presented their closing statements, requesting the Court to acquit the indictees of the charges for crimes in Brcko, the Trial Chamber schedules the pronouncement of the verdict for Friday, October 31.
25 September 2014

Bosnian Boxing Star Denies Wartime Crimes

Former world champion boxer Mensur Peljto pleaded not guilty to crimes against Serb civilians and prisoners of war while he was a fighter with the Croatian Defence Council in 1992.
7 August 2014

Bosnian Fighters Indicted for Brcko Prisoner Abuse

Former Croatian Defence Council fighters Redzep Salaj and Mensur Peljto are accused of crimes against Bosnian Serb civilians and prisoners of war in the Brcko area in 1992.
10 July 2014

Custody for Redzep Salaj Extended

The Basic Court of Brcko District orders a two-month custody extension for Redzep Salaj, who is suspected of war crimes in that town.  

30 June 2014

Bosnian Boxing Hero Arrested for War Crimes

Police arrested former world champion boxer Mensur Peljto for alleged crimes against civilians and prisoners of war in his hometown Brcko during the 1990s conflict, BIRN was told.
3 June 2014

Brcko Crimes Suspect Arrested

Police in Brcko arrested Redzo Salaj, a former Bosnian Army soldier suspected of committing crimes against Serb civilians and prisoners of war in Gornji Rahic in the Brcko municipality in 1992.
30 April 2014

Marking Murder of about One Hundred Civilians in Brcko

The murder of about a hundred civilians, who were killed in April 1992 when a bridge over River Sava was mined, was marked in the Brcko District.
22 April 2014

Defence of Hadzic and Hodzic Present Material Evidence

The Defence of Galib Hadzic and Nijaz Hodzic continue presenting evidence before the Basic Court in Brcko District by presenting more than 100 pieces of material evidence.
2 April 2014

Questions about Status of Prisoners

Defence witness, testifying at the trial of Asmir Tatarevic and Armin Omazic for crimes in Brcko, says that he does not know whether local Serb residents from the Bukvik area were captured and examined as civilians or prisoners of war in September 1992.
25 March 2014

No Knowledge of Hodzic’s Behaviour

At the trial for the crimes committed in Brcko, the witness for the Defence, Mirsad Haseljic, said he did not know how the defendant, Nijaz Hodzic, behaved at the time of the attack on Bukvik and nearby villages in September 1992.
24 January 2014

Verdict against Guso and Suljagic Confirmed

The Appellate Court of Brcko District confirms a verdict of release against Nusret Guso and Mirsad Suljagic, who were charged with crimes against prisoners of war in Brcko municipality.
18 December 2013

Examination without Using Force

As the trial of Galib Hadzic and Nijaz Hodzic continues, two Defence witnesses say that it is not known to them that indictee Hadzic used force when examining prisoners of war in 1992.
11 October 2013

Sentence against Monika Karan-Ilic Reduced

The Brcko Appeals Court passed a final verdict to Monika Karan-Ilic, sentencing her to two-and-a-half years of prison for crimes committed against Bosniak and Croat civilians in Brcko.
11 September 2013

Beating in a Warehouse in Gornji Zovik

Testifying at the trial of Asmir Tatarevic and Armin Omazic before the Basic Court of Brcko District, Prosecution witnesses say that they were mistreated during their detention in Gornji Zovik, near Brcko, in 1992.
17 July 2013

Pop Kostic Ordered into Custody

The Basic Court of Brcko District orders custody for Boban Pop Kostic, who is charged with crimes in the “Luka” detention camp in Brcko in 1992.