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City: Vlasenica

22 March 2016

Bosnian Serb Ex-Soldier Indicted for Prisoner Abuse

The Bosnian state prosecution filed an indictment charging former Bosnian Serb soldier Dragisa Tesic with torturing, beating and abusing Bosniak detainees in the Vlasenica area.
9 February 2016

Witnesses Fail to Appear Again at Zarije Ostojic Trial

Three witness expected to testify for the district prosecution of Eastern Sarajevo at the trial of Zarije Ostojic failed to appear in court again. Ostojic has been charged with crimes in Vlasenica.

11 January 2016

Three Witnesses Fail to Appear at Zarija Ostojic Trial

Three district prosecution witnesses failed to appear at today’s hearing of the Zarije Ostojic trial at the district court of Eastern Sarajevo. Ostojic has been charged with war crimes in Vlasenica.

23 December 2015

Survivors of Childhood Wartime Rape at Higher Risk for Psychological Trauma, Poverty

The sexual abuse of boys and girls was widespread during the Bosnian war. Although associations of war victims have registered approximately 1000 instances of wartime child rape, experts estimate that the number is much higher.

14 December 2015

Former Susica Prisoners Say Ostojic Beat Detainees

A witness and former prisoner at the Susica detention camp testified at the Zarije Ostojic trial and said the defendant assaulted him twice during his detention.

23 November 2015

Ostojic Trial Begins Again, Defense Demands Examination of All Witnesses

The trial of Zarija Ostojic began again with a reading of the indictment and the presentation of introductory statements by the district prosecution of Eastern Sarajevo. The trial proceedings were restarted because Ostojic’s defense attorney had been replaced.

7 October 2015

Re-examination of Witnesses Requested at Ostojic Trial

The defense of Zarije Ostojic proposed the re-examination of a witness at a status conference held before the district court of Eastern Sarajevo.

9 September 2015

Ostojic Gets a New Defense Attorney

A new ex-officio defense attorney has been appointed to Zarije Ostojic.

18 August 2015

Bosnian Serb Army Communications Could Have Been Intercepted, Argues Prosecutor at Mladic Trial

Prosecutors at the Ratko Mladic trial argued that the Bosnian Army could intercept communications conducted by the Main Headquarters of the Bosnian Serb Army. By the end of his testimony, former Bosnian Serb Army colonel Mile Dosenovic didn’t refute this claim.
17 June 2015

Exemption of Trial Chamber Chair in Ostojic Trial Requested

At today’s hearing of the Zarije Ostojic trial, the defense requested the exemption of the trial chamber chair based on a suspicion of bias in favour of the prosecution.
26 May 2015

Custody Measures for Vlacic Requested Due to Threats to Witness

The district prosecution of Eastern Sarajevo called for custody measures be imposed on Blagoje Vlacic due to threats sent to a witness. The defense objected to the proposal.
26 May 2015

Ostojic Trial Postponed

The District Court in Eastern Sarajevo postponed the trial of Zarije Ostojic, who has been charged with war crimes in Susica near Vlasenica. The trial was postponed because the defendant failed to appear in court.
13 May 2015

Court Expert Describes Human Blood Found in Susica Hangar at Ostojic Trial

A court expert testifying at the Zarije Ostojic trial said she determined that blood of human origin was found at a Susica hangar, the site of an alleged beating.

28 April 2015

Mladic Witness: Bosniaks 'Wanted to Leave' Eastern Bosnia

The former commander of the Birac brigade of the Bosnian Serb Army told Ratko Mladic's trial that he helped organise the 'removal of Muslims' from eastern Bosnia, but insisted they wanted to go.
23 March 2015

Witness Describes Detainee Abuse at Susica Detention Camp

At today’s hearing of the Zarije Ostojic trial, an Eastern Sarajevo district prosecution witness said the defendant took a detainee out of a hangar and beat him.