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City: Kresevo

10 May 2007

Lucic: Prosecution Evidence Ends

The Prosecution completes the evidence process against indictee Kreso Lucic by examining the last witness and presenting material evidence.
26 April 2007

Lucic: Confusion over witness statements

Prosecution witnesses claim that another HVO member was responsible for the beatings they suffered, not the accused Kreso Lucic.
19 March 2007

Lucic: Role of the Military Police in Kresevo

Two Prosecution witnesses, both former Kresevo detainees, have spoken of actions of the HVO military police, which was commanded by Kreso Lucic in 1993.
7 March 2007

Lucic: Capturing Civilians in Kresevo

In the Prosecution's continued presentation of evidence against Kreso Lucic, witnesses speak about detention camps in the Kresevo area.
26 February 2007

Lucic: Prosecution witnesses testify

The Court has heard of the conditions in Kresevo's detention camps during 1993.
14 February 2007

Lucic trial begins

Proceedings against former HVO commander from Kresevo get underway.
19 January 2007

Kreso Lucic released from custody

The Court of BiH released from detention Kreso Lucic, indicted for war crimes committed in Central Bosnia.
3 November 2006

Lucic pleads "not guilty"

Former Bosnian Croat military policeman denies committing crimes against Bosniaks in Kresevo.
30 October 2006

Charges pressed against Lucic

Bosnian Croat Kreso Lucic is to face trial for crimes committed against civilians in Central Bosnia.
28 April 2006

Kresevo war crimes suspect arrested

Kreso Lucic, a Bosnian Croat suspected of war crimes committed in central Bosnia and Herzegovina was arrested this week.