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City: Kresevo

8 January 2009

Changes to Jail Terms Raise Doubts about Justice

Drastic revisions in prison sentences between first and second instances are either a sign that the appeal process if working well, or a sign that something is very wrong with the judicial system.
9 December 2008

Lucic: Verdict due on December 16

After both parties presented their closing arguments, the Appellate Chamber set the date when it would pronounce the second instance verdict against Kreso Lucic.
27 November 2008

Selecting Priorities in War Crimes Processing

Disagreements over which trials should be held before the State Court, and which should go before lower courts, will continue until a war-crimes strategy finally sorts out the issue of case referral.

13 May 2008

Lucic: First instance verdict revoked

The Appellate Chamber has revoked the first instance verdict against Kreso Lucic and ordered a retrial.
28 December 2007

Three Thousand Days of Detention

In 2007, the Court of BiH ordered custody for 29 war crimes suspects, some of whom were eventually indicted, while others were released without charge.
19 September 2007

Lucic Jailed for Six Years

Kreso Lucic is found guilty on three of the four counts contained in the indictment that charged him with crimes committed in Kresevo in 1993.
14 September 2007

Lucic: Verdict Due on 18 September

Kreso Lucic's Defence argues that the Prosecution has not presented enough evidence and has asked that the defendant be released.
13 September 2007

Lucic: Prosecution presents closing arguments

The prosecution has asked the Trial Chamber to pronounce Kreso Lucic guilty of crimes against humanity.
23 July 2007

Lucic: Main Trial Completed

Trial of Kreso Lucic ends with the examination of an additional defence witness.
6 July 2007

Lucic: Indictee Testifies

Kreso Lucic denies his role in taking away, interrogating and torturing of Bosniaks from Kresevo - but he does not deny that such things were happening.
6 July 2007

Lucic: Commencement of War in Kresevo

It has been announced that indictee Kreso Lucic will testify in his defence.
12 June 2007

Lucic: Parties to a Conflict

The Court hears about the start of the conflict in Kresevo and tasks performed by Bosniaks who were detained in camp Sunje.
4 June 2007

Lucic: Digging Trenches "Eased Boredom"

Kreso Lucic's defence witnesses speak about voluntary work of detainees in camp Sunje.
1 June 2007

Lucic: Conflicts in Kresevo

During the ongoing trial of Kreso Lucic, a former member of the HVO who served in Kresevo denies allegations about inhuman conditions in Bosniak detention centers.
31 May 2007

First Defence Witness Testifies in the Lucic Case

A former HVO Commander from Kresevo who is standing as a defence witness in the case of Kreso Lucic claims that Bosniaks were held in temporary detention centers with the aim of ensuring their safety.