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City: Kravica

13 September 2007

Kravica: Defence witness threatened

A protected defence witnesses at the trial of 11 persons indicted for genocide in Kravica failed to appear at the hearing after receiving threats.
22 August 2007

Kravica: Guilt denied

The Special Police Forces did not take part in attacks on civilians, witness claims.

1 August 2007

Kravica: Mass Grave Near Glogovo

Defence witness speaks about the burial of corpses in the Glogova mass grave.
25 July 2007

Kravica: Milan Lukic in Srebrenica

Former Bratunac police chief testifies as a joint Defence witness at the trial of 11 indictees charged with genocide.
27 June 2007

Kravica: Defence Wants 100 Witnesses

Lawyers representing 11 indictees charged with genocide have presented their proposed evidence plan.
13 June 2007

Kravica: Borovcanin Testimony Cancelled

Hague indictee Ljubomir Borovcanin will not now testify via video-link against 11 indictees accused of genocide.
17 May 2007

Kravica: Matic Freed on Bail

The Court of BiH has ended the custody of one of the 11 people indicted for genocide.
16 May 2007

Kravica: Illness Halts Deronjic Testimony

Miroslav Deronjic's testimony has been postponed due to his illness.
11 May 2007

Bozic et al: Video Recordings Shown

A four-hour video recording of events after the fall of Srebrenica is presented as evidence.
26 April 2007

Kravica: Prosecution's material evidence accepted

The Trial Chamber has made a series of decisions in the case against 11 Bosnian Serbs charged with genocide.
26 April 2007

Kravica: Complex Legal Procedures

The defence attorney of one of the 11 indictees charged with genocide in Srebrenica has asked for his defendant to be released.
26 April 2007

Kravica: Prosecution Asks to Split the Trial

More than a year after the beginning of trial of 11 indictees for crimes in Srebrenica, Prosecutor Ibro Bulic requests division of this case.
14 March 2007

Kravica: Prosecution Rejects Defence Calls

The Prosecution has dismissed Defence proposals in regards to the application of law and testimony of one state Prosecution witness.
8 March 2007

Kravica: Identifying Srebrenica's Remains

A Court expert has spoken of how remains from mass graves in and around Srebrenica have been identified.
25 January 2007

Kravica: Poor health halts trial

The Trial Chamber has put proceedings on hold until February 7 on the advice of court medical experts.