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City: Kravica

28 February 2012

Kuvelja: Burst Fire Opened at Prisoners

Testifying at the trial for genocide in Srebrenica, a protected Defence witness says that a group of captured Bosniaks was killed in “an all-out shooting” in front of the Agricultural Co-operative in Kravica, Bratunac municipality in mid July 1995.
23 February 2012

Srebrenica Genocide Trial Continues

At the trial of four Bosnian Serbs charged with genocide in Srebrenica, former investigator for the Hague Tribunal said that he interrogated two of the indictees as suspects.
20 February 2012

Jevic et al: No Trace of Witness

As the trial of the four indictees, who are charged with genocide in Srebrenica, continues, witness Nebojsa Aleksic has not been re-examined, because it is not known where he is at the moment.
10 February 2012

Karadzic: Citizens Unaware of Murders in Srebrenica

Prosecution witness Milenko Katanic says, while testifying at the trial of Radovan Karadzic, that Civilian Commissioner for Srebrenica Miroslav Deronjic told him in July 1995, that Ljubisa Beara, Republika Srpska Army, VRS colonel, came to Bratunac in order to look for locations for the detention and “probably” murder of Bosniaks from Srebrenica.
9 February 2012

Karadzic: Murders Were not Rumours

Testifying at the trial of Radovan Karadzic at The Hague, former President of the Bratunac Town Government, Srbislav Davidovic says that he found out about the mass murder of Bosniaks in Kravica village on July 13, 1995 one day after it had happened, adding that two Serb officers asked him to provide loaders on that same day.
26 January 2012

Jevic et al: Bodies around the Hangar

At the trial of four men indicted of genocide in Srebrenica, Franc Kos testified about how the he was in Kravica (Bratunac municipality) on July 13, 1995, where he saw the bodies of men in and around the warehouse.
26 January 2012

Ivanovic: Awaiting U.S. Permission

At the status conference held at the trial of Zeljko Ivanovic, who is charged with genocide in Srebrenica, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina explained that it still awaits permission from the United States of America (U.S.A.), for the testimony of Richard Butler.
26 January 2012

Karadzic: Film Made in Srebrenica

As the trial of Radovan Karadzic continues, the Hague Prosecution plays a recording made in July 1995, depicting several tens of bodies of dead Bosniaks in front of a warehouse in Kravica village, near Srebrenica, bursts of bullets being fired from automatic guns and Serb soldiers standing around the corpses.
25 January 2012

Kuvelja: Defence to Begin Presenting Evidence Soon

During a status conference held before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina the Defence of Bozidar Kuvelja, who is charged with genocide in Srebrenica, says that it will examine four witnesses and the indictee and present 56 pieces of material evidence. The Defence is due to begin presenting its evidence in February.
24 January 2012

Neskovic and Ilic: The Hague Protection Measures

The trial of Dragan Neskovic and Zoran Ilic, who are charged with crimes in Srebrenica, has been postponed due to the determination of protection measures which the witness who was to testify in this trial had in The Hague.
19 January 2012

Jevic et al: Catastrophic Things in Kravica

At the trial of four indictees for genocide in Srebrenica, witness Ljubodrag Gajic spoke about the executions of detained Bosniaks in Kravica in July 1995, of which he heard while he was securing the road as a member of the Jahorina Training Centre.
17 January 2012

Kuvelja: Trial Postponed

The Trial Chamber of the State Court has postponed the trial of Bozidar Kuvelja, who is charged with genocide in Srebrenica, explaining that a legal counselor has to be appointed for a protected Prosecution witness, who was due to be examined at this hearing.
11 January 2012

Kuvelja: Over a Thousand Identified from Kravica

At the continuation of the trial of Bozidar Kuvelja, indicted for genocide in Srebrenica, Vedo Tuco, a forensic expert, spoke about the graves in that area, bringing them into connection with the murders in Kravica.
22 December 2011

Vukovic and Tomic: Long standing prison sentence requested

In its closing arguments at the retrial of Radomir Vukovic and Zoranu Tomic, charged with genocide in Srebrenica, the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requested that the defendants be sentenced to long prison terms, while the Defence of the first defendant believed that he should be acquitted.
16 December 2011

Jevic et al: Inclusion of Statements from the Investigation

At the trial of four men indicted for genocide in Srebrenica, statements given by the three indictees during investigation that they were engaged in Potocari during the evacuation of the population in July 1995 but did not know about the killings in Kravica, are included in the evidence.