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City: Kravica

30 April 2015

Mladic Witness: Serbs Wanted Srebrenica Revenge

At the trial of Ratko Mladic in The Hague, a defence witness recalled a Bosnian Army attack on the Serb village of Kravica near Srebrenica in 1993 and said he was captured and tortured afterwards.
20 March 2015

Srebrenica Crimes Suspects Ordered into Custody

The High Court in Belgrade ordered one month of custody for eight former members of the Jahorina Training Center suspected of committing war crimes in Kravica, near Srebrenica, in July 1995.

19 March 2015

267 Years in Prison for Murders in Kravica

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina sentenced fourteen persons to 267 years in prison for the mass killing of approximately 1000 residents of Srebrenica in Kravica, in the municipality of Bratunac. Eight persons have been arrested in Serbia for the same crime.

15 September 2014

Killings of Prisoners in Warehouse

A Prosecution witness told the trial for genocide in Srebrenica that one group of prisoners was killed in the warehouse in Konjevic Polje in July 1995.
1 September 2014

A Boy Fled from Kravica

As the trial for genocide in Srebrenica continues, a State Prosecution witness says that he was sixteen-year old, when he was detained, along with other men, in a hangar in Kravica and that, while he was there, he could see groups of men being taken away in order to be shot.

10 July 2014

Genocide Convicts Serving 500 Years

Thirty Bosnian Serbs have so far been jailed for a total of 568 years for genocide and other crimes in Srebrenica 19 years ago.
23 June 2014

Bosnian Serb Policeman ‘Shocked by Srebrenica Corpses’

A witness told the genocide trial of former Bosnian Serb police chief Goran Saric that he saw a truck full of bodies close to where 1,000 Bosniaks from Srebrenica were murdered.
19 June 2014

Bosnian Serb Policeman Jailed for Srebrenica Genocide

Former special policeman Zeljko Ivanovic, who guarded a warehouse where Bosniaks were massacred, was given the maximum sentence of 20 years for assisting the Srebrenica genocide.
17 June 2014

Verdict against Ivanovic Due on Thursday

The Appellate Chamber of the State Court is due to pronounce a verdict against Zeljko Ivanovic, who is charged with having assisted in the commission of genocide in Srebrenica, on Thursday, June 19.
11 June 2014

Bosnia Cuts Srebrenica Genocide Convicts’ Sentences

Five former Bosnian Serb policemen were given reduced sentences of 20 years each for aiding genocide in Srebrenica following a retrial after their previous convictions were annulled.

13 May 2014

Sentence against Petar Mitrovic Reduced

At the end of a renewed trial against Petar Mitrovic, the Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BiH, reduces the sentence from 28 to 20 years against the indictee for having assisted in the genocide in Srebrenica in 1995.

12 May 2014

Escorting Captives towards Kravica

Testifying at the trial for genocide in Srebrenica, a State Prosecution witness says that he saw a group of Muslims being escorted towards Kravica in July 1995.

28 April 2014

Witness Recalls Bodies in front of Kravica

At the trial for genocide in Srebrenica, a Bosnian prosecution witness said that in July 1995 he covered bodies of men with hay in front of the hangar in Kravica.
25 April 2014

Bosnian Serb’s Request for Srebrenica Retrial Rejected

The Bosnian state court rejected a request for the retrial of Mendeljev Djuric, who was sentenced to 28 years in prison for assisting the commission of genocide in Srebrenica.
31 March 2014

Taking Srebrenica Residents from “Bijela Kuca”

Testifying at the trial of Goran Saric for genocide in Srebrenica, a State Prosecution witness says that the Special Brigade of Republika Srpska, RS police guarded the road between Bratunac and Konjevic Polje in mid July 1995, because a breakthrough by Srebrenica residents was expected.