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City: Kotor Varos

15 July 2016

Prisoners ‘Beaten Every Day’ at Kotor-Varos Prison

A prosecution witness recalled how he and other prisoners were regularly beaten in cells behind the court in Kotor-Varos after being captured by Bosnian Serb troops in 1992.

1 July 2016

Bosniaks ‘Beaten Every Day’ in Kotor-Varos Prison

A prosecution witness told the trial of six Serbs accused of crimes against humanity that he and other Bosniak prisnoners were beaten up in detention in Kotor-Varos during wartime.

13 May 2016

Witness Recalls Killings and Abuse in Kotor Varos

At the trial of six former Bosnian Serb soldiers for wartime crimes in Kotor Varos, a prosecution witness recalled the arrests, abuse and killings of Bosniak and Croat men in June 1992.
11 April 2016

Bosnian Army Troops ‘Beat and Abused’ Vitez Prisoners

At the trial of five former Bosnian Army soldiers for wartime prisoner abuse in the Vitez area, a prosecution witness testified that he was beaten up and subjected to a mock execution.

10 March 2016

New Sentence Pending in Ljubisa Vranjes Appeal

Following the repeal of a second instance verdict against Ljubisa Vranjes for Kotor-Varos crimes, his attorney failed to appear before the state court’s appeals chamber. The prosecution said it stuck to the previously revised indictment.
3 March 2016

Za dokazivanje zločina u Kotor-Varoši 231 svjedok

Početak suđenja šestorici optuženih za zločine počinjene u Kotor-Varoši zakazan je za 29. mart.

29 February 2016

Bosiljko and Ostoja Markovic Request Repeal of Rape Verdict

The defense of Bosiljko and Ostoja Markovic asked the appeals chamber of the state court to repeal the verdict against them. The defendants were both sentenced to ten years in prison for the wartime rape of a 14 year old girl in Kotor-Varos.

19 February 2016

Mladen Milic Sentence Reduced by One Year

The state court has reduced Mladen Milic’s sentence from eight to seven years in prison. The appeals chamber applied the law of the former Yugoslavia to the case, which was in effect when Milic’s crimes were committed and provides more favourable sentencing. Milic was convicted of crimes in Kotor-Varos.
4 February 2016

Bosniak Ex-Fighter Jailed for Serdari Village Massacre

Former Territorial Defence fighter Fikret Planincic’s 11-year prison sentence for taking part in the 1992 killings of nine Serb civilians, including two children, has been upheld on appeal.
28 January 2016

Shorter Sentence Requested in Mladen Milic Case

Following the repeal of the second instance verdict which sentenced Mladen Milic to eight years in prison for crimes in Kotor-Varos, the state prosecution and defence asked for a more lenient criminal code to be used.

14 January 2016

Defense Presents Closing Statements at Trial of Three Kotor Varos Territorial Defense Members

The defense teams of three former Territorial Defense soldiers charged with war crimes in Kotor Varos have called upon the state court’s appeal chamber to hand down verdicts of release. The defense states their clients didn’t participate in an attack on civilians in the village of Serdari in 1992. The verdict is scheduled for February 4.

30 December 2015

Indictment Confirmed Against Six Former Bosnian Serb Military Officials for Kotor-Varos Crimes

The Bosnian state court has confirmed an indictment against six former Bosnian Serb military officials, charging them with crimes committed against Bosniak and Croat civilians in the municipality of Kotor-Varos.

28 December 2015

Trial Set for Kotor-Varos Crimes After Delays

The trial for crimes committed in Kotor-Varos will re-start before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in late February after several postponements due to illness of defendant Dragoslav Bojic.
24 December 2015

Prosecution Calls for Conviction at Retrial of Territorial Defense Members Accused of Attacking Kotor Varos Civilians

Presenting its closing statement at the retrial of former Territorial Defense members Fikret Planincic, Sead Menzil and Mirsad Vatrac, the prosecution called for a guilty verdict. The prosecution insisted the trial chamber consider the death of civilians and girls while deliberating the sentence.

1 December 2015

Indictment Filed for Mass War Crimes in Kotor-Varos

The state prosecution has filed an indictment against six former members of the Bosnian Serb Army suspected of crimes against humanity committed against Bosniak and Croat civilians in the vicinity of Kotor-Varos.