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City: Kladanj

26 February 2016

Witness Claims No Findings on Injured Party in Osman Gogic Trial

A defense witness testified at the trial of Osman Gogic and six other defendants charged with war crimes in the Kladanj area. The witness confirmed that injured party Velimir Celic was in the village of Brloski Potok in June 1992. He said he didn’t know what happened to him when he went to his sister’s home.

19 February 2016

Gogic Says He Doesn’t Know Injured Party

Defendant Osman Gogic testified in his own defense at the trial of seven defendants charged with crimes in the Kladanj area. He denied knowing injured parties Velimir and Milos Celic. According to the charges against him, Gogic abused Velimir Celic at the public safety station in Kladanj in June 1992.

5 February 2016

Witness Says Hodzic Intervened on his Behalf at Djurdjevik Checkpoint

Testifying in defense of Nedzad Hodzic, witness Zdravko Martinovic said the defendant saved his life in August 1992. Martinovic said Hodzic intervened when his ID was being checked at a checkpoint near Djurdjevik in the municipality of Zivinice.

29 January 2016

Stupari Serbs Guarded for Their Own Safety, Defense Witnesses Say

Testifying in defense of Nedzad Hodzic before the state court, Rado and Vojka Andric said the defendant helped them when they lived in a building protected by the police in Stupari in the municipality of Kladanj. They said they hadn’t heard that the defendant had been involved in any wrongdoing.

15 January 2016

Bosniak Policeman Helped Serb Civilians Flee Stupari, Defense Witnesses Say

Testifying at the trial of eight former Bosniak fighters charged with war crimes in the Kladanj area, witnesses said defendant Ramiz Halilovic saved their lives by helping them leave Stupari and go to Serb-controlled territory in May 1992.

11 December 2015

Defense Witnesses Say Halilovic Assisted Serb Civilians in Kladanj

Defense witnesses testifying at the trial of eight defendants charged with war crimes in the Kladanj area said defendant Ramiz Halilovic helped persecuted Serb civilians.

13 November 2015

Military Police Didn’t Mistreat Serbs in Lupoglavo, Witnesses Say

Two defense witness testifying at the trial of eight defendants charged with war crimes in the Kladanj area said the military police didn’t participate in the arrest of Serbs or search their houses.

30 October 2015

Witnesses Describes Treatment of Serb Civilians in Stupari War Crimes Trial

Two witnesses testifying in defense of Zijad Hamzic described the transportation of Serb civilians from Lupoglavo to the village of Stupari in June 1992.
16 October 2015

Witnesses Say Hamzic Wasn’t In Lupoglavo During Alleged Assault

Two defense witnesses testifying at the trial of former members of the police, military police and Territorial Defense in the Kladanj area, said Zijad Hamzic wasn’t in the village of Lupoglavo on June 7, 1992, the date he allegedly abused a civilian.
2 October 2015

Witness Says Hamzic Wasn’t Present During Abuse of Civilians in Kladanj

A defense witness said Zijad Hamzic didn’t abuse civilians captured by Territorial Defense soldiers in Lupoglavo on June 7, 1992. Hamzic and others have been charged with war crimes in Kladanj.

11 September 2015

Witness Testifies in Defense of Nusret Muhic on Kladanj Crimes

A defense witness testifying in defense of Nusret Muhic said he didn’t see the defendant beat anyone.

28 August 2015

Busnov Testifies on Treatment of Serb Detainees in Stupari

Testifying in his own defense, Busnov said he was Safet Mujcinovic’s superior and monitored his work in the Kladanj police force in 1992.

10 July 2015

Busnov Testifies on Serb Civilians Detained in Stupari

On the second day of his testimony, defendant Selman Busnov said he didn’t have any information on the Serb population being treated incorrectly by the Stupari police in Kladanj.

3 July 2015

Busnov Testifies in Own Defense, Describes Wartime Situation in Kladanj

Selman Busnov testified in his own defense today, describing the wartime situation in Kladanj in 1992.
15 June 2015

Witnesses in Kladanj Trial Deny Mistreatment of Serbs

Former police officers and a school employee testifying in defense of Safet Mujcinovic said they guarded their Serb neighbours in the Kladanj area.