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City: Kalinovik

28 April 2016

Stanarevic Gets 13 Years For Bihac Killings

Former military policeman jailed for role in murder of at least ten Bosniaks held in Ripac village in 1992.

16 March 2016

State Prosecution Calls for Guilty Sentence in Bjelica and Tripkovic Trial

Presenting its closing statement, the state prosecution called upon the state court to find Zoran Bjelica and Novica Tripkovic guilty of crimes in the Kalinovik area and sentence them in accordance with the law.

9 March 2016

Prosecution Gives Closing Statement at Bjelica and Tripkovic Trial, Ambulance Called for Tripkovic

Presenting its closing statement, the state prosecution said it had proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Zoran Bjelica and Novica Tripkovic committed war crimes in the Kalinovik area.

10 February 2016

Presentation of Evidence at Kalinovik Crimes Trial Completed

A prosecution witness testifying at the trial of Zoran Bjelica and Novica Tripkovic said she was detained in a school building in Kalinovik with victim Edin Bico. She said Bico was tortured in 1992.
27 January 2016

Witness Describes Assault and Killing of Detainees in Kalinovik

Testifying at the trial of two former Bosnian Serb soldiers charged with crimes in Kalinovik, a defense witness said a man took a detained civilian to the first floor of a school building used as a detention facility. The witness then said she heard two gunshots.

15 July 2015

Material Evidence Presented By Tripkovic Defense

Novica Tripkovic’s defense presented material evidence to the state court, including a book on the testimony of wartime rape victims titled “I begged them to kill me.”

29 June 2015

Prosecution Gives Up On Two Witnesses at Bjelica and Tripkovic Trial

The state prosecution has given up on the examination of two witnesses at the Zoran Bjelica and Novica Tripkovic trial, due their poor health.
10 June 2015

Bjelica and Tripkovic Trial Postponed Due to Poor Health of Witness

The trial of Zoran Bjelica and Novica Tripkovic has been postponed due to the poor health of a state prosecution witness.
13 May 2015

Tripkovic Defense Needs Hague Tribunal Permission to Invite Witness

Novica Tripkovic’s defense attorney was ordered to obtain permission from the Hague tribunal in order to invite a protected witness known as S5 to testify at the trial.

1 April 2015

Tripkovic Deemed Capable of Following Trial

Findings by a team of psychiatric experts were presented at the Novica Tripkovic trial. The team determined whether Tripkovic was capable of following the trial. Tripkovic has been tried for war crimes in Kalinovik.

11 March 2015

Separate Proceedings Against Bjelica, Witnesses Describe his Wartime Activities

The proceedings against Marinko Bjelica will take place separately from the other defendants accused of committing crimes against civilians in Kalinovik. The trial chamber decided to conduct separate proceedings for Bjelica due to his poor health.

11 February 2015

Bosnian Serb Fighter Was in Montenegro During War, Say Witnesses

Defense witnesses at the trial of former Bosnian Serb fighter Zoran Bjelica say that he was in Montenegro when alleged crimes he committed in Kalinovik took place.

21 January 2015

Alibi for Indictee

Testifying in defence of Zoran Bjelica, who is charged with crimes in Kalinovik, witnesses confirm that they did not see the indictee in the Trnovo and Kalinovik area during the war, adding that they heard that the indictee and his family were in Serbia or Montenegro in that period.
24 December 2014

Zoran Bjelica Was in Montenegro

Testifying in defence of Zoran Bjelica at the trial of three former members of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, who are charged with crimes in Kalinovik, witnesses say that they did not see the indictee from May 1992 onwards, because he was in Montenegro.
17 December 2014

Alibi for Indictee Bjelica

Branislav Vukovic, a car mechanic from Niksic, says that he met indictee Zoran Bjelica at Slavko Pekovic’s in June 1992, adding that Pekovic owned a yard and grocery store.