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City: Donji Vakuf

17 February 2016

Defense Requests Acquittal or Repeal of Ilija Djogatovic Verdict

The defense of Ilija Djogatovic has called upon the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to acquit him or revoke the first instance verdict against him. Djogatovic has been sentenced to six years in prison for crimes committed in the Donji Vakuf area. The prosecution is asking that the appeal be rejected and the first instance verdict confirmed.

19 January 2015

Ilija Djogatovic Sentenced to Six Years for Crimes against Civilians

The Cantonal Court in Novi Travnik sentences Ilija Djogatovic to six years in prison for crimes against the civilian population in Donji Vakuf.

12 January 2015

Verdict against Djogatovic on January 19

The Cantonal Court in Novi Travnik schedules the pronouncement of a verdict against Ilija Djogatovic, former member of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, who is charged with crimes in Donji Vakuf, for Monday, January 19.
8 December 2014

Djogatovic not on Duty

As the trial of Ilija Djogatovic for crimes against civilians in Donji Vakuf continues, a Defence witness says that the indictee was not on duty when Sulejman Sutkovic was killed.
14 November 2014

Lethal Head Injuries

As the trial of Ilija Djogatovic continues, court medicine expert Hamza Zujo says that the examination of exhumed body of Sulejman Sutkovic revealed that he died due to injuries to his head and pelvic bone.
25 June 2014

Former VRS Member Ordered into Custody

The Cantonal Court in Novi Travnik orders a one-month custody for 62-year old I.Dj. from Bijeljina, who was arrested due to a suspicion that he committed crimes in the Donji Vakuf area.

11 April 2014

No Victims Found at Oborci

No remains of victims from the past war have been found at Oborci locality, near Donji Vakuf, during two days of excavation.

27 March 2014

Mass Grave Found Near Donji Vakuf

Investigators have discovered a mass grave that could contain the bodies of almost 150 murdered Bosniaks in the village of Oborci near the central Bosnian town of Donji Vakuf.
12 November 2013

Remains of Four People and One Child Exhumed

The Bosnian Institute for Missing Persons has begun exhuming the remains of civilians and members of the Army of Republika Srpska in the Orthodox cemetery Biokovine near Jajce.
30 January 2013

Zelenika et al: Hit with a Baton

A State Prosecution witness says at the trial of former members of the Croatian Defence Forces, HOS that Ivan Zelenika hit her with a baton after she had been brought to military dispensary in Mostar in 1992.
5 December 2012

Zelenika et al: Murder in Dretelj Camp

At the trial of former members of the Croatian Defence Forces, HOS, a witness for the prosecution said he and his father were beaten in 1992 in the Dretelj camp.
1 November 2012

Raguz et al: Examination of witness interrupted

The trial of Ivo and Veselko Raguz, charged with crimes committed in Stolac and Capljina, was interrupted, because the protected witness for the prosecution was not capable of testifying due to health issues.
18 September 2012

Zelenika et al: Former Guard Testifies in Dretelj Camp Trial

At the trial of five ex members of the Croatian Defence Forces, HOS, for crimes committed in the Dretelj camp near Capljina, a former guard said that he saw Serb prisoners being abused in 1992.
13 December 2011

Mikulic: Manipulation with Fear and Threats

At the trial for crimes in Dretelj detention camp, Capljina municipality, a State Prosecution witnesses says that they were among 60 or so Bosniaks who were detained in one prison, where they were tortured and harassed on a daily basis.
30 March 2011

Local Justice – Tanasic et al: Taken Away in an Appropriate Manner

Prosecution witness Muharem Somic testifies at the trial of Nenad Tanasic and Tihomir Boroja before the District Court in Banja Luka, and says that the indictees participated in his beating in September 1995.