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City: Bihac

16 March 2016

Bosnian Soldiers Jailed for Wartime Rape in Bihac

Former Bosnian Army soldiers Adil Vojic and Bekir Mesic were sentenced to seven years in prison each for raping a woman in Bihac in the country’s north-west in May 1994.
9 March 2016

Verdict in Vojic and Mesic Trial Scheduled for March 16

The defense of Adil Vojic and Bekir Mesic, charged with wartime rape in Bihac, called upon the court to hand down an acquittal in their case. The state court has scheduled the verdict for March 16.

3 March 2016

Indictment Filed Against Sasa Curguz

The state prosecution has filed an indictment against Sasa Curguz, charging him with crimes against the Bosniak population in the Bihac area in the summer of 1992.

2 March 2016

State Prosecution Presents Closing Statements At Vojic and Mesic Trial

Presenting its closing arguments, the Bosnian state prosecution called for defendants Adil Vojic and Bekir Mesic to be found guilty of wartime rape and sentenced as per the law. Vojic and Mesic have been charged with war crimes in Bihac.
17 February 2016

Injured Party Survived “Traumatic” Experience, Says Neuropsychiatrist at Vojic and Mesic Trial

The presentation of evidence at the trial of Adil Vojic and Bekir Mesic concluded with the findings of a state prosecution expert and the property and legal claim of the injured party. Vojic and Mesic have been charged with wartime rape committed in the Bihac area in 1994.
15 February 2016

Witness Says He Saw Stanarevic With Captives, But Didn’t Mistreat Them

A state prosecution witness testifying at the Zeljko Stanarevic trial said he saw the defendant with captives in the vicinity of a bridge in Strbacki Buk in the municipality of Bihac during the summer of 1992.
10 February 2016

Prosecution Refuses to Change Legal Classification in Karajic Case

Although the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina repealed the verdict in the Suljo Karajic case due to the incorrect application of law, the state prosecution is sticking to its previous legal classification of his crimes. Karajic was sentenced to 18 years in prison for crimes committed in Krajina.

9 February 2016

Serbia Extradites Former Bosnian Serb Soldier Sasa Curguz

On Tuesday, the state prosecution said Serbia extradited war crimes suspect Sasa Curguz, who’s under investigation for crimes committed in Bihac in 1992.
8 February 2016

Stanarevic Only Encountered Ripac Prisoners by Chance

Testifying in his own defense, Zeljko Stanarevic said he didn’t participate in an attack on the Ljutocka Valley in the municipality of Bihac during the summer of 1992. He said he saw prisoners from a detention camp in Ripac once, when he was given a ride on a truck transporting the prisoners.

1 February 2016

Witness in Stanarevic Trial Unaware of Murders in Ripac

Testifying at the trial of Zeljko Stanarevic, a former member of the Bosnian Serb Army charged with crimes committed in the Bihac area, a defense witness said he hadn’t heard of wartime murders in Ripac.

12 January 2016

Muhamed Anadolac Acquitted of Bihac and Cazin War Crimes

Following a retrial, the cantonal court of Bihac acquitted Muhamed Anadolac of charges of war crimes in Bihac and Cazin.

28 December 2015

Safet Kovacevic Sentenced to One Year in Plea Deal

Following the signing of a guilty-plea agreement, the Cantonal Court in Bihac sentenced Safet Kovacevic to one year in prison for mistreating prisoners of war in 1995.
23 December 2015

Rape Victim Ordered to Testify Again at Vojic and Mesic Trial

After the defense teams in the Adil Vojic and Bekir Mesic trial finished their evidentiary hearings, the trial chamber said they would ask the injured party in the case to testify again.
21 December 2015

Defense Witness Describes Giving Stanarevic Ride While Transporting Detainees to Hrgar

A defense witness testifying at the Zeljko Stanarevic trial said he believed he gave the defendant, a former Bosnian Serb military police officer, a drive to the Gorjevac area in Bihac. The witness, also a member of the military police, was driving civilian detainees to Hrgar, a village in the municipality of Bihac.

9 December 2015

Mesic Testifies in Own Defense, Describes Night of Alleged Rape in Bihac

Testifying in his own defense, Bekir Mesic described what happened on May 1, 1994, the night he allegedly raped a woman in Bihac.