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City: Batkovici

19 August 2015

Witness Describes Begovic as “Cruelest” Batkovic Guard

A state prosecution witness testifying at the Gligor Begovic trial said Begovic was one of the cruelest guards at the Batkovic detention camp.

17 June 2015

Begovic Trial Postponed, Witness Fails to Appear in Court

The Gligor Begovic trial was postponed due to the absence of a prosecution witness who was expected to testify at today’s hearing.
22 April 2015

Prosecution and Defense Present Material Evidence at Begovic Trial

The state prosecution and defense presented material evidence at the trial of Gligor Begovic. Begovic has been charged with war crimes at the Batkovic detention center in the municipality of Bijeljina.

11 February 2015

Defendant in Baktovic Detention Camp Case Fails to Appear

Former Bosnian Serb soldier Gligor Begovic, charged with crimes allegedly committed at the Batkovic detention camp in Bijeljina in 1992, failed to appear in court today due to bad weather conditions.

9 April 2014

Slapped without Reason

Two Bijeljina District Prosecution witnesses say that prisoners, who were held in Batkovici detention camp, were beaten up, mistreated and taken to other locations in order to perform forced labour.
5 March 2014

Bosniak Prisoner ‘Assaulted’ at Bijeljina’s Batkovic Camp

An ex-prisoner told the trial of four former Serb guards accused of abusing inmates at the Batkovic camp in north-east Bosnia in 1992 that one guard hit him for around ten days in a row.
29 January 2014

No Contacts with Prisoners

Defence witness Rado Stevanovic says at the trial for crimes in Ugljevik, that indictee Oliver Rodic had never had any contact with prisoners, who were deployed to Mount Majevica in order to perform labour.

28 January 2014

Beaten at Entrance to Batkovic

As the trial for crimes in Bijeljina continues, a Bijeljina District Prosecution witness says that he was beaten up once during his stay in Batkovic detention camp in 1992.
9 October 2013

Constantly Beaten and Mistreated

Testifying at the trial for war crimes in the “Sabirni centar” detention camp in Batkovic, Bijeljina municipality, a Prosecution witness says that he was “constantly” beaten and mistreated during the first ten days.

11 June 2013

Beaten Once or Several Times While in Batkovic

Testifying at the trial for war crimes committed in “Sabirni centar” detention camp in Batkovic, Bijeljina municipality, witness Nermin Suljic says that he does not know any of the indictees and that he has never heard of them.

9 April 2013

Beaten to Death in Batkovic

A Bijeljina District Prosecution witness says that a few guards, who worked at the “Sabirni centar” detention camp, beat his brother to death in August 1992.
8 March 2013

Constant Beating

As the trial for crimes in Batkovic detention camp continues, a Prosecution witness recalls having been beaten up during his detention in the summer of 1992.

21 September 2012

Mladic: Siege of Vlasenica

The defence of Ratko Mladic, during cross-examination of the witness, Ibro Osmanovic, pointed out that in the summer of 1992, the Susica camp near Vlasenica was ran by the Bosnian Serb police and not the army.
2 February 2012

Selimovic et al: Ruznic not Responsible for Imprisonment

As he continues presenting his findings and opinion at a request by the Defence of indictees Adil Ruznic and Emir Mustafic, a military expert witness says that Ruznic conducted informative conversations with prisoners of war, but he was not competent to decide which of the prisoners would be exchanged.
25 March 2011

Pelemis and Peric: Security Officer Acted Appropriately

Expert military witness Petar Vuga says that indictee Slavko Peric acted appropriately when he came to the school building in Pilica, where a large group of Bosniak prisoners had been brought in July 1995.