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Case: Zulj Stipe

11 April 2011

Local Justice - Zulj: Verdict of Release Confirmed

The Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, FBiH, has confirmed the verdict under which Stipo Zulj was acquitted of charges for war crimes committed in the Kupres area.
21 January 2010

Livno Pledges to Get Tough on War Crime Cases

While courts promise to deploy more resources, victims have doubts, noting the inactivity of the judiciary in the area over the past 15 years.
23 October 2009

Stipe Zulj: An Isolated Act of Violence

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina accepts the proposal made by the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Defence to refer the Stipe Zulj case to the Cantonal Court in Livno for further processing. 
5 October 2009

Zulj: Indictment Confirmed

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirms the indictment charging Stipe Zulj with crimes committed in the Kupres area.
8 September 2009

Stipe Zulj arrested

The State Investigation and Protection Agency arrest a serving police officer from Kupres police station on suspicion that he committed war crimes.