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Case: Vukovic Radmilo

21 April 2008

Vukovic: Trial reopens

Radmilo Vuckovic's trial for war crimes against civilians in Foca has reopened before the Appellate Chamber in Sarajevo.
31 March 2008

Vukovic: Trial postponed

The start of Radmilo Vukovic's trial has been postponed due to absence of attorney Bajro Cilic.
4 March 2008

Radmilo Vukovic: Court to present its evidence

Prior to the start of the retrial of Radmilo Vukovic, the Appellate Chamber has set the dates of the hearings and announced that the Court would present its evidence.
9 May 2007

Radmilo Vukovic Arrested Again

Appeals judges have modified the first instance trial chamber's decision about release from custody.
26 April 2007

Vukovic: Evidence Procedure Completed

Court-appointed neuropsychiatrist who examined the indictee presents findings in court.
16 April 2007

Vukovic Found Guilty

Taking into consideration special circumstances, the Court of BiH has passed a verdict for war crimes committed in Foca in 1992.
9 March 2007

Vukovic: Witnesses Defend Indictee's Character

Two protected Defence witnesses have spoken of Radmilo Vukovic's character - and of his alleged intimate relationship with a key Prosecution witness.
15 February 2007

Vukovic granted bail

The Trial Chamber has released Foca accused Radmilo Vukovic from custody.
10 January 2007

Vukovic trial postponed by hunger strike

Foca rape accused has joined the group of war crimes indictees who began a hunger strike this week.
14 December 2006

Vukovic trial to begin on January 10.

The defence has asked for a closed trial in order to protect the private life of Foca rape accused.
31 October 2006

Vukovic pleads not guilty

Foca accused denies allegations of rape.