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Case: Veselinovic Rade

13 May 2014

Bosnia’s Hadzici Still Mourning, 22 Years On

With 90 people still missing since the conflict and abuse of wartime prisoners largely unpunished, victims’ families in the town of Hadzici say they’re losing hope of getting justice.

13 December 2013

Rade Veselinovic Released Conditionally

Rade Veselinovic, who was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in prison for crimes in Hadzici, has been released conditionally.

2 June 2009

Veselinovic: Second Statement

The Defence of Rade Veselinovic calls a Prosecution witness, who testified earlier, to testify again, claiming that the statements he gave during the investigation differ from those he gave in court.
22 April 2009

Veselinovic - Trial Postponed

The trial of Rade Veselinovic has been postponed indefinitely due to the indictee's medical condition.
8 April 2009

Veselinovic: Witnesses Fail to Appear

Due to the absence of defence witnesses, the trial for war crimes committed in Hadzici has been postponed. 
1 April 2009

Veselinovic: Temporary Accommodation

A Defence witness says the sports center where Hadzici residents were detained was "temporary accommodation prior to their exchange".
20 March 2009

Veselinovic: Trial Postponed

Due to the absence of a witness, the trial for crimes committed in Hadzici has been postponed.
11 March 2009

Veselinovic: Armed Civilians

A former policeman speaks about disarming the residents of Musici village in Hadzici Municipality, but declines to say who was in charge of the action. 
5 March 2009

Veselinovic: Distinct attributes

A former member of the reserve police forces from Hadzici speaks about a "disarmament operation" conducted in Musici village in May 1992.
23 February 2009

Veselinovic: Witness repeats statement

First witness for Rade Veselinovic's Defence says residents of Musici village were captured, taken away and detained.
26 January 2009

Veselinovic: Behaving Arrogantly

Two Prosecution witnesses recall seeing the indictee in Hadzici in 1992, when civilians were taken away.
10 December 2008

Veselinovic: Shooting in front of House of Culture in Hadzici

A Prosecution witness says that he saw the indictee shooting at a detained civilian.
2 December 2008

Veselinovic: Command function

Two Prosecution witnesses speak about the happenings that took place in Hadzici municipality in 1992, when they left their homes.
14 October 2008

Veselinovic: Trial closed to public

The State Court accepted a motion to exclude the public during the testimony of two witnesses at a trial dealing with crimes committed in Hadzici.
7 October 2008

Veselinovic: Forced into having oral sex

A former detainee from Hadzici speaks about the torture he suffered after having been captured.