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Case: Trbic Milorad

31 January 2008

Kravica: Link Between Two Trials

The Defence of the 11 indictees claims that the Prosecution possesses documents that might help their clients.
29 January 2008

Trbic: On The Way To Freedom

Two persons from Srebrenica describe what they lived through after the fall of the protected enclave in July 1995.
19 December 2007

Trbic: Detention Unit in Brigade HQ

A Prosecution witness claims that the wounded and prisoners were brought to the Zvornik Brigade HQ, where they were interrogated and detained.
17 December 2007

Trbic: Coded Messages

At the trial of Milorad Trbic, the court has heard the testimony of a witness who decoded messages used by the VRS during and after the attack on Srebrenica.
11 December 2007

Trbic: "They Urged Us To Shoot People"

Prosecution witnesses speak of the shooting of detainees in the school in Orahovac - and of soldiers' qualms at the orders.
28 November 2007

Trbic: Witness Statements Denied

The Defence and the indictee deny the allegations of two Hague tribunal investigators who said that Milorad Trbic helped them in investigations conducted in the Srebrenica area.
28 November 2007

Trbic: First Prosecution Witness

A former Hague tribunal investigator speaks of the examination of Milorad Trbic, and of visits to locations in the vicinity of Srebrenica.
30 October 2007

Trbic Trial Date Set

The Court of BiH has confirmed that another trial for genocide will start in the first week of November.

18 July 2007

Trbic on Hunger Strike

Indictee calls for an end to the process against him.
12 June 2007

Two-month Custody for Trbic

The Court of BiH has handed a decision ordering a two-month custody and a psychiatric assessment for Milorad Trbic, who was transferred from The Hague to Sarajevo on 11 June.
11 June 2007

Trbic Arrives in Sarajevo

One more prisoner from The Hague is referred to the Court of BiH for further processing.
4 May 2006

Genocide suspect could be tried in Sarajevo

The chief prosecutor of the Hague tribunal has filed a motion to transfer the trial of Milan Trbic to the War Crimes Chamber.