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Case: Trbic Milorad

10 November 2008

No information about genocide

Indictee Milorad Trbic addresses the Trial Chamber, arguing that he "does not know that genocide was committed in Srebrenica".

20 October 2008

Trbic: Lack of authority

A court expert, invited by Milorad Trbic's Defence, says that the security bodies, in which the indictee performed a function, cannot issue orders, but they can just execute them.
29 September 2008

Trbic: Court expert to present findings on October 20

The Trial Chamber has agreed to postpone the presentation of findings of court expert Petar Vuga, bearing in mind that "it will take some time to translate the findings and for the Prosecution to prepare itself".
8 September 2008

Trbic: There was a Plan

A former military observer from the United Nations speaks about the days before attack on Srebrenica, and the suffering of Bosniaks in the enclave.
23 June 2008

Trbic: New witnesses to appear in September

The Trial Chamber has announced that it will have to take a break between two hearings, which will last for more than 30 days, due to the examination of a Defence court expert.

4 June 2008

Another indictment for Srebrenica genocide

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed the indictment for Srebrenica genocide.

12 May 2008

Trbic: Burying the killed

A former member of Zvornik Brigade claims that he did not see indictee Milorad Trbic in July 1995 and that he did not know what his function was at the time.
14 April 2008

Trbic: A report on Srebrenica

A former member of the Commission for Srebrenica speaks about the conclusions presented in his Report of 2004.
18 March 2008

Trbic: Similarities between Bosnia and Iraq

Court expert Richard Butler claims that in the Zvornik Brigade, Milorad Trbic was the officer in charge of the reburial of bodies in other graves.
4 March 2008

Trbic: Three more Prosecution witnesses

On March 17 and 18, the Prosecution is due to examine Richard Butler, The Hague Tribunal investigator, while the two remaining witnesses will be examined after the Defence starts presenting its evidence.

18 February 2008

Trbic: Indictee to Visit Crime Scene

Milorad Trbic's attorney has suggested that the indictee joins the Trial Chamber, Prosecution and Defence when they visit locations mentioned in the indictment on March 3.

12 February 2008

Trbic: Simultaneous Testimony

The simultaneous examination of court experts in three cases conducted before the Court of BiH could take place next month.
11 February 2008

Trbic: Accidental Guard

Prosecution witness Milovan Djokic has been testifying about how he helped detain captives taken from Srebrenica, and how they were transferred to the town of Pilice.
5 February 2008

Trbic: Srebrenica Captives Held In Schools

A witness in the trial of Milorad Trbic, claims to have seen buses outside a school in Pilice on July 14, 1995, where captives from Srebrenica were then killed.

4 February 2008

Trbic: Cries and Screams in Potocari

Two Prosecution witnesses have been speaking about the days that followed the fall of Srebrenica and the massacre of civilians there.