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Case: Todorovic and Radic

24 April 2008

Todorovic and Radic: Isolated case

The Defence closing arguments deny allegations that the indictees are guilty and stress that they could not resist the force implemented against them by other armed persons.
18 April 2008

Todorovic and Radic: Bemoaning killed neighbours

The first indictee Mirko Todorovic testifies in his favour and claims that he was not present in Borkovac when the Bosniaks were shot.
14 April 2008

Todorovic and Radic: Lined up for shooting

An additional Prosecution witness, who survived the killing of Bosniaks in Borkovac village, speaks about the day when indictee Milos Radic took him for shooting.
10 March 2008

Todorovic and Radic: Avoiding "Dobrovoljci"

Joint Defence witness for Mirko Todorovic and Milos Radic spoke about how the residents of Repovac village residents were forced to join the "Dobrovoljci" ("Volunteers") paramilitary group.

11 February 2008

Todorovic and Radic: Childhood Friends

Defence witnesses have described Mirko Todorovic as a good neighbour and friend who had good relations with Muslims.
16 January 2008

Todorovic and Radic: First Defence Witnesses

Defence witnesses describe Todorovic and Radic as peaceful persons, claiming that they did not know anything about their military engagement in May 1992.

28 December 2007

Three Thousand Days of Detention

In 2007, the Court of BiH ordered custody for 29 war crimes suspects, some of whom were eventually indicted, while others were released without charge.
19 November 2007

Todorovic and Radic: Collecting Bodies in Borkovac

Prosecution witnesses describe how they collected dead bodies in Borkovac village and buried them in a mass grave.
12 November 2007

Todorovic and Radic: Witness Speaks of Sister's Death

A Prosecution witness who survived the shooting in Borkovac village describes what happened to him on May 20, 1992 when he lost his sister.
5 November 2007

Todorovic and Radic: Lost of a child

A former Bratunac resident recalls the agony he went through when he learned that his daughter had been raped and shot dead in Borkovac.
29 October 2007

Todorovic and Radic: Death of a Father

A Prosecution witness has recalled how she was deported from the village she lived in with her family in May 1992.

21 September 2007

Todorovic and Radic: Trial Date Set

The two indictees have refused to appear at a status conference at which both parties presented their evidence presentation plan, and a trial date was set.
6 July 2007

Todorovic and Radic: Plea Hearing Held

Todorovic has pleaded not guilty to committing crimes against humanity, while a plea hearing for Milos Radic has been postponed.
24 May 2007

Bratunac Suspects Held for One Month

The Court of BiH has placed two suspects in custody for a month and has ordered the Prosecution to finalise its investigation within a month.