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Case: Sipic Idhan

8 July 2008

Justice and the Admission of Guilt

Guilt admission agreements concluded with war-crimes indictees are a source of controversy formany people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including legal experts who believe the practice often does not help determine the truth.
22 February 2008

Sipic: Eight years' imprisonment

Idhan Sipic has been sentenced to eight years' imprisonment for the murder of an old lady, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has announced.
18 January 2008

Sipic: Trial Date Set

A status conference in the case of Kljuc indictee Idhan Sipic has set a start date for his trial.
28 December 2007

Three Thousand Days of Detention

In 2007, the Court of BiH ordered custody for 29 war crimes suspects, some of whom were eventually indicted, while others were released without charge.
10 December 2007

Sipic: Indictment Confirmed

The indictment against Idhan Sipic, who has admitted committing a war crimes against civilians during the war, has now been confirmed.
26 October 2007

One Month Custody to Idhan Sipic

The Court of BiH order one month custody to Idhan Sipic who voluntarily surrendered and admitted murder committing during the war.