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Case: Savic and Mucibabic

30 December 2010

More than three hundred years of imprisonment

In its sixth year of operation, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina Chamber for War Crimes sentenced 15 persons to a total of 156 years in prison, and acquitted seven, while the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina claims that they are also investigating one thousand suspects over war crimes offences.
20 December 2010

Savic and Mucibabic: Separation of Cases

The State Court has separated the cases against Krsto Savic and Milko Mucibabic due to the second indictee's illness and the fact he cannot attend the trial.
12 March 2009

Savic and Mucibabic: Concerted persecution

At the conclusion of presenting closing arguments the State Prosecution calls for guilty verdicts.
19 February 2009

Savic and Mucibabic: Police management meetings

An additional Prosecution witness says "the deportation and capture of Bosniaks" was not discussed at police management meetings convened by indictee Savic.
11 February 2009

Savic and Mucibabic: Shooting Inside House

An additional Prosecution witness describes what she lived through in her house in Nevesinje when the indictees visited her.
29 January 2009

Savic and Mucibabic: A Bus Seat

The first of Milko Mucibabic's Defence witnesses says the indictee helped her leave Nevesinje in 1992.
15 January 2009

Savic et al: The Podvelezje Mindset

The Defence of Krsto Savic begins presenting evidence by examining its first witness, who describes the situation in eastern Herzegovina in 1992.
14 January 2009

Savic and Mucibabic: Reign of Terror in East Herzegovina

In late 2008, the Prosecution finished presenting evidence against Krsto Savic and Milko Mucibabic, which started in May. The Defence is to start presenting evidence on January 15.
5 November 2008

Savic and Mucibabic: Guarding prisoners

A Prosecution witness speaks about guarding civilians, who were detained in Kalinovik, and burning villages in the vicinity of this town.
17 October 2008

Savic and Mucibabic: Summon for imprisonment

A former reserve policeman testified on the imprisonment of men and women in camps in the school and police buildings in Kalinovik.
8 October 2008

Savic et al: Events directed by Kalinovik police

A Prosecution witness recalls how he survived the shooting, after having been detained in Kalinovik.
2 October 2008

Savic and Mucibabic: Long days of uncertainty

Two Prosecution witnesses say how Bosniaks civilians were taken to Foca, adding that some of them have never returned.
17 September 2008

Savic and Mucibabic: A getaway package

A Prosecution witness recalls having been forced to leave his home in Nevesinje in 1992 with his slippers on.
25 August 2008

Savic and Mucibabic: Escorting convoys from Nevesinje

A former policeman recalls the departure of convoys of Bosniak civilians from Nevesinje.
20 August 2008

Savic and Mucibabic: Trial closed to public

Protected Prosecution witnesses have been examined behind closed doors.