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Case: Djelilbasi Saban and Elvir

27 April 2012

Djelilbasic Brothers Conclude Guilt Admission Agreement

Elvir and Saban Djelilbasic, who are charged with crimes against civilians in Turbe, Travnik municipality, conclude a guilt admission agreement with the State Prosecution. The agreement has been filed with the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
30 March 2012

Djelilbasic et al: Guilt Admission Negotiations

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Defence attorneys of indictees Saban and Elvir Djelilbasic announce that they may reach a guilt admission agreement for crimes against civilians committed in Turbe, Travnik municipality.
18 November 2011

Travnik Crimes Suspects Arrested

As announced by the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, brothers Saban and Elvir Djelilbasic have been arrested due to a suspicion that they committed war crimes against the civilian population in Turbe, Travnik municipality in late 1992.