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Case: Mladjenovic et al.

6 March 2013

Fearing the Indictee

As the trial for crimes in Bratunac continues, a State Prosecution witness says that she saw indictee Najdan Mladjenovic in 1992 but she did not dare mention him in her previous statements, because she was afraid.

6 February 2013

Mladjenovic and Zivkovic: Brother’s Blood

A statement given by late witness Mula Ramic was read at the trial for crimes in Bratunac. In the statement the witness said that she spoke to indictee Najdan Mladjenovic, while walking towards Hranca village on May 3, 1992.
12 December 2012

Mladjenovic et al: Hearing Postponed Due to Indictee’s Illness

The trial for crimes in Hranca village, Bratunac municipality, has been postponed until December 18 due to the illness of indictee Najdan Mladjenovic.
14 November 2012

Mladjenovic et al: Houses that Should Be Burnt

A State Prosecution witness confirms, while testifying before the State Court, that he was in the attic of his house in Hranca village, Bratunac municipality on May 3, 1992 and saw indictee Najdan Mladjenovic pointing to houses that his soldiers should set on fire that day.
31 October 2012

Mladjenovic at al: The Bratunac crimes trial begins

The trial of Najdan Mladjenovic and Sava Zivkovic, charged with crimes against humanity committed in the territory of the municipality of Bratunac in May 1992 began with the reading of the indictment and opening arguments from the prosecution.
14 September 2012

Mladjenovic and Zivkovic Plead not Guilty

Najdan Mladjenovic and Savo Zivkovic, who are charged with crimes in Bratunac in May 1992, plead not guilty.
8 August 2012

Indictment for Bratunac Crime Confirmed

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirms an indictment against Najdan Mladjenovic and Savo Zivkovic charging them with war crimes in Bratunac in May 1992.
27 July 2012

Indictment Returned for Additional Processing

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina requests the custody extension for Savo Zivkovic, who is suspected of crimes against humanity in the Bratunac area in 1992, due to the existence of a fear that he might influence witnesses and accomplices. The Defence requests the Court to release the suspect to liberty.
13 July 2012

Custody Extension for Savo Zivkovic Requested

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina files a motion with the State Court, asking it to extend custody for Savo Zivkovic, who is suspected of crimes in Bratunac municipality, for 15 days.