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Case: Lelek Zeljko

23 May 2008

Lelek: Thirteen years' imprisonment

The State Court has announced a guilty verdict on the basis of the first indictment for rape committed in Visegrad area.
16 May 2008

Lelek: An apology on behalf of the people

Addressing the Trial Chamber, Zeljko Lelek says that he was involved in the crimes in Visegrad and apologises to the innocent victims "on behalf of my people."
5 May 2008

Lelek: Repeated testimony

The Court and Defence examine last witnesses at the trial of Zeljko Lelek.
18 April 2008

Lelek: Defence continues presenting evidence

The court has approved the Defence's request to examine additional witnesses and present material evidence.
31 March 2008

Lelek: Witnesses confront each other in courtroom

The Defence has completed its presenting of evidence.

24 March 2008

Lelek: Complaining about the obstruction of proceedings

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina has asked the Trial Chamber to end the presenting of evidence by Zeljko Lelek's Defence, which has been going on for more than 10 months.
10 March 2008

Lelek: Amendments to indictment

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina examines additional witnesses, whose statements might lead to expansion of the indictment.
11 February 2008

Lelek: Milan Lukic Refuses to Testify

Hague indictee Milan Lukic has refused to testify in favour of Zeljko Lelek, while Sredoje Lukic's decision is still awaited.
14 January 2008

Lelek: Another Invitation for ICTY Indictees

Zeljko Lelek's defence has asked the Court for help in contacting ICTY indictees who are considered to be witnesses.
12 November 2007

Lelek: Defence Warned

The trial of Zeljko Lelek has been postponed after attorney Fahrija Karkin failed to appear in Court.

20 August 2007

Lelek: Allegations Denied

Six defence witnesses deny the allegations in the indictment - as well as some statements given by Prosecution witnesses.
23 July 2007

Lelek: Witnesses from Dusce

Two Defence witnesses speak about happenings in the Varda furniture factory in Visegrad.
17 July 2007

Lelek: Witnesses Speak About Witnesses

The first two Defence witnesses deny the statements given by the Prosecution counterparts concerning the allegations in the indictment.
4 July 2007

Lelek: Indictee 's Tears in the Courtroom

Former Visegrad policeman again denies the allegations in the indictment and accuses Prosecution witnesses of dishonesty.
18 June 2007

Lelek: Murders on the Visegrad Bridge

Two protected Prosecution witnesses at the trial of Zeljko Lelek have spoken about murders in Visegrad in 1992.