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Case: Kujundzic Predrag

18 June 2010

Indictment for Doboj Crimes Confirmed

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed an indictment charging Miodrag Markovic, a former member of the Republika Srpska Army, with crimes committed in Doboj municipality. Markovic is charged with war crimes against civilians committed in Dragalovci village, Doboj municipality, in July 1992.
3 September 2009

Kujundzic: Conclusion of Doboj Crimes Trial

More than a year after it began, the trial of Predrag Kujundzic before the War Crimes Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been completed.   
25 June 2009

Kujundzic: Additional Time for Contacting Witnesses

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has allowed Predrag Kujundic's Defence attorneys two more weeks to try to contact witnesses who live outside Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has also set the dates at which those witnesses would testify.  
25 May 2009

Kujundzic: Indictment Change Announced

Following the presentation of several pieces of additional evidence by the Defence, the State Prosecution announces that it will change the indictment against Predrag Kujundzic.
19 May 2009

Kujundzic: Additional Prosecution Material Evidence

The State Prosecution introduces 15 pieces of material evidence in reply to the Defence's evidence. 
4 May 2009

Kujundzic: Family Man

The Defence of Predrag Kujundzic begins its presentation of material evidence. 
24 February 2009

Kujundzic: Fantasy world

A Defence witness says that protected witness 2 told her that she was "in love" with Predrag Kujundzic.
20 January 2009

Kujundzic: An Ideal Relationship

A distant relative of the indictee claims that protected witness 2 frequently visited Kujundzic, adding that their relationship was "based on voluntary decisions only".
10 December 2008

Kujundzic: Having fun with soldiers

Two Defence witnesses of Predrag Kujundzic speak about protected witness 2, who accuses Kujundzic of having raped her.
16 October 2008

Remembering “Predini vukovi”

Seeking to prove the eight counts of the indictment against the former leader of the “Predini vukovi” group, the State Prosecution has examined around 40 witnesses, some of whom survived traumatic experiences in Doboj, including shooting, being used as a human shield, and being subjected to Russian roulette.
11 September 2008

Kujundzic: Psyhological trauma

Bosnian Prosecution presented findings and opinion of the expert concerning psyhological state of witness no 2.

27 August 2008

Kujundzic: Hearing closed to public

At the trial of Predrag Kujundzic the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina examines protected witness 2, a rape victim, with no presence of the public.
22 August 2008

Kujundzic: Witness examination postponed

Following the Trial Chamber's intervention, the Prosecution postpones the examination of witness Mirsad Tokaca.
19 August 2008

Kujundzic: Infiltrated element

A protected Prosecution witness points to the indictee but cannot confirm whether he is the person who abused him.
11 July 2008

Kujundzic: All for all

The Prosecution examines another witness at the trial for Doboj crimes.