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Case: Kravica

20 July 2006

Kravica: Witness recognises three indictees

But Prosecution witness does not connect any of them with the murders of about thousand Bosniaks near Srebrenica, with which they are charged.
19 July 2006

Kravica: Stupar linked to crime scene

A witness in the trial of 11 persons accused of genocide in Kravica claims that soldiers told him that they had seen the principal defendant near the place where around 1,000 Bosniaks were killed.
14 July 2006

Kravica: Another former soldier testifies

New prosecution witness recognises three of the eleven accused of genocide in Kravica but fails to place them on the crime scene.
13 July 2006

Kravica: Witness problems for prosecution

The prosecution complained that two witnesses in the case against 11 defendants charged with genocide in Kravica on July 13, 1995 were not cooperating.
12 July 2006

Kravica: Prosecution witnesses changes testimony

A key prosecution witnesses claims that his previous statements are inaccurate and were "extracted" from him by state investigators.
4 July 2006

Former soldier testify in Kravica genocide case

Two prosecution witnesses speak of the massacre of Bosniak detainees after the fall of Srebrenica.
23 May 2006

“Kravica warehouse was ‘cleaned’ after the massacre”

Prosecution witness, Jovan Nikolic, continues giving evidence in the largest genocide trial in the world.
11 May 2006

Parties dispute Kravica "confessions"

Controversy surrounds statements given by two accused in Bosnia's first domestic genocide trial, in which they are said to have admitted their guilt.
10 May 2006

Prosecution launches first genocide case

Defence lawyers claim their clients' statements to investigators, in which prosecutors say they admitted their guilt, were flawed.
4 May 2006

Kravice trial delayed

The start of the largest genocide trial to date has been delayed after some of the accused lodged a request for the removal of the presiding judge.

28 April 2006

The week ahead: Genocide trial to start

The world's biggest genocide trial is set to start next week in front of Sarajevo's War Crimes Chamber. Sarajevo will also play host to an international conference on the process of determining the truth in post conflict society.
10 March 2006

Srebrenica trial set for may

Defence win bid to have proceedings delayed, amid indications that at least one defendant’s case could rest on proving his insanity.