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Case: Kravica

25 July 2007

Kravica: Milan Lukic in Srebrenica

Former Bratunac police chief testifies as a joint Defence witness at the trial of 11 indictees charged with genocide.
11 July 2007

Kravica: Creepy Atmosphere in Potocari

The first Defence witness at the trial of 11 indictees charged with genocide in Srebrenica speaks about happenings in Potocari in July 1995.
27 June 2007

Kravica: Defence Wants 100 Witnesses

Lawyers representing 11 indictees charged with genocide have presented their proposed evidence plan.
13 June 2007

Kravica: Borovcanin Testimony Cancelled

Hague indictee Ljubomir Borovcanin will not now testify via video-link against 11 indictees accused of genocide.
18 May 2007

Justice Requires Support for Witnesses

Inadequate support and protection of witnesses in war crimes cases puts them – and their readiness to testify in future – at risk, discovers Justice Report.
17 May 2007

Kravica: Matic Freed on Bail

The Court of BiH has ended the custody of one of the 11 people indicted for genocide.
16 May 2007

Kravica: Illness Halts Deronjic Testimony

Miroslav Deronjic's testimony has been postponed due to his illness.
11 May 2007

Bozic et al: Video Recordings Shown

A four-hour video recording of events after the fall of Srebrenica is presented as evidence.
26 April 2007

Kravica: Prosecution's material evidence accepted

The Trial Chamber has made a series of decisions in the case against 11 Bosnian Serbs charged with genocide.
26 April 2007

Kravica: Complex Legal Procedures

The defence attorney of one of the 11 indictees charged with genocide in Srebrenica has asked for his defendant to be released.
26 April 2007

Kravica: Prosecution Asks to Split the Trial

More than a year after the beginning of trial of 11 indictees for crimes in Srebrenica, Prosecutor Ibro Bulic requests division of this case.
14 March 2007

Kravica: Prosecution Rejects Defence Calls

The Prosecution has dismissed Defence proposals in regards to the application of law and testimony of one state Prosecution witness.
8 March 2007

Kravica: Identifying Srebrenica's Remains

A Court expert has spoken of how remains from mass graves in and around Srebrenica have been identified.
7 March 2007

Kravica: Escape from Sandici

Additional Prosecution witness talks about capture of Bosniaks after fall of Srebrenica.
25 January 2007

Kravica: Poor health halts trial

The Trial Chamber has put proceedings on hold until February 7 on the advice of court medical experts.