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Case: Kravica

14 December 2007

Kravica: Materials in Mass Graves

A court expert in construction gives his opinion on the materials discovered in the mass graves, where the remains of those killed in Kravica were found.

5 December 2007

Kravica: Denying Allegations

Five Defence witnesses claim that indictee Milos Stupar was not commander of the Second Special Police Squad from Sekovici in July 1995.

1 November 2007

Kravica: Brother's Farewell Party

Nine Defence witnesses - all family and friends of Dragisa Zivanovic - have provided an alibi for him before the Court of BiH.
18 October 2007

Kravica: Playing cards at Piro's café

Four witnesses, introduced by the defence of Velibor Maksimovic, spoke about the indictee's personality and his movements in Skelani in July 1995.
17 October 2007

Witness: "Dzinic was not in Kravica"

Defence witnesses provide an alibi for indictee Brano Dzinic, and speak of his personality and sportsmanlike characteristics.
10 October 2007

Kravica: The Most Honest Person in the Area

Defence witnesses speak about Aleksandar Radovanovic's personality and describe how he saved his Bosniak neighbour's daughter in May 1992.
4 October 2007

Kravica: Defence Witnesses Fail to Appear

Of five witnesses invited by the Defence seven days ago, only one has appeared at the hearing.
3 October 2007

Kravica: Stevanovic Halts Hunger Strike

The defence teams of 11 indictees charged with genocide continue presenting their evidence before the War Crimes Chamber.
27 September 2007

Kravica: Applause for Mladic in Sandici

The defence teams at the trial for genocide in Kravica want to invite Hague tribunal indictees as witnesses.
26 September 2007

Kravica: One Indictee Gets an Alibi

Zdravko Zivanovic, a joint witness invited by seven defence teams in the Kravica genocide case, provides an alibi for his cousin Dragisa.
20 September 2007

Kravica: Hearing Postponed

Due to the poor health of one of the 11 indictees, the Srebrenica genocide trial has been postponed.
19 September 2007

Kravica: Suicides and Hallucinations

Witnesses discuss the personalities of three of the 11 indictees charged with genocide.
13 September 2007

Kravica: Defence witness threatened

A protected defence witnesses at the trial of 11 persons indicted for genocide in Kravica failed to appear at the hearing after receiving threats.
22 August 2007

Kravica: Guilt denied

The Special Police Forces did not take part in attacks on civilians, witness claims.

1 August 2007

Kravica: Mass Grave Near Glogovo

Defence witness speaks about the burial of corpses in the Glogova mass grave.