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Case: Kravica

19 November 2013

Resignation of State Constitutional Court Judges Requested

The release to liberty of ten war crimes and genocide convicts has brought war-crimes victims into a situation whereby they have become victims of the system nearly 20 years after the war. In order to prevent that from happening, they call on the judges of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to resign.

18 November 2013

Bosnia Releases Ten War Crimes Convicts

The Bosnian state court has ordered the immediate release of ten genocide and war crimes convicts because the wrong criminal code was used at their trials.
16 May 2013

Days Spent in Custody Replaced with More Than 380,000 Convertible Marks

The state must pay more than 380,000 Marks (190,000 Euros) to former war crimes indictees as compensation for the time they spent in custody before being acquitted by the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. However many of the former indictees are still unhappy.

22 April 2010

Retrial of Milos Stupar Completed

The retrial of Milos Stupar, former Commander of the Second Special Police Squad from Sekovici, who is charged with participation in the Srebrenica genocide, has been completed with the presentation of material evidence.
4 December 2009

Stevanovic: Acquitted of Genocide Charges

The Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina acquits Miladin Stevanovic of charges that he committed genocide in Srebrenica in July 1995.
23 November 2009

Ivanovic: Promised salvation

A Prosecution witness says that General Ratko Mladic made a promise, in July 1995, to captured men from Srebrenica, telling them they would be saved.
19 November 2009

Future of Genocide Trials Hangs on Karadzic Verdict

Bosnian prosecutors still hesitate at filing indictments for genocide but some rights activists believe this may change once the trial of the former Bosnian Serb leader is over.
27 October 2009

Kravica: Sentences Reduced

The Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina renders a verdict in the case of 10 members of the Second Special Police Squad from Sekovici, ordering the retrial of one of them and reducing sentences against six others.
13 July 2009

Kravica 14 Years On

Local authorities restrict the number of people allowed to visit the place in Kravica where one of the massacres was committed in July 1995.
28 July 2008

Kravica: July 13, 1995: Witnesses Recall Massacres

Witnesses in the first genocide trial conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina describe what happened in Kravica on July 13, when about 1,000 Bosniaks were shot dead.
25 July 2008

Karadzic Indictment May Be Updated

Prosecution considering altering indictment, which was last updated and consolidated eight years ago.

18 July 2008

Kravica: Absurd indictement

The two last Defence teams present their closing arguments, denying that genocide was committed in Kravica and their clients participated in the murder of Srebrenica residents.
14 July 2008

Kravica: A fair decision expected

Two Defence teams present their closing arguments at the first trial for the Srebrenica genocide, calling for a verdict of release for the former policemen.
3 July 2008

Kravica: Indictment altered

At the end of its evidence presentation, the State Prosecution has altered the first indictment for the Srebrenica genocide, despite its earlier repeated claims that it would not do it.
4 June 2008

Another indictment for Srebrenica genocide

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed the indictment for Srebrenica genocide.