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Case: Brocilo Marko

10 December 2015

Brocilo Sentenced to Five and a Half Years in Prison

The district court of Doboj sentenced Marko Brocilo to five and a half years in prison for war crimes against the civilian population of Odzak.

8 December 2015

Brocilo Trial Completed Within Two Weeks, Verdict Scheduled for December 10

The district prosecution of Doboj called upon the court to find Marko Brocilo guilty of war crimes in the Odzak area, while the defense called for a verdict of release.

1 December 2015

Brocilo Testifies In Own Defense, Denies Involvement in Murder

Testifying in his own defense before the district court of Doboj, defendant Marko Brocilo denied killing an elderly civilian named Kata Matic in 1992.

25 November 2015

Witnesses Describe Murder of Old Woman in Josava at Brocilo Trial

A prosecution witness testifying at the trial of Marko Brocilo said he saw the defendant enter a civilian’s house in the summer of 1992 and heard a gunshot afterwards.
24 November 2015

Brocilo Trial Begins At Doboj District Court

The Marko Brocilo trial began at the district court of Doboj. Brocilo has been charged with war crimes against the civilian population of Josava in 1992, a village located in the municipality of Odzak at the time.

27 October 2015

Brocilo Trial Begins on November 24

The trial of Marko Brocilo for war crimes against the civilian population in the Odzak area is due to begin at the district court of Doboj on November 24.