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23 April 2009

Zvornik Indictment Confirmed

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina confirms an indictment against two former VRS members for crimes against civilians in Zvornik in 1992.
The indictment, confirmed by the State Court on April 22, charges Ljubo Tomic (born in 1964) and Krsto Josic (born 1965) with war crimes against civilians.

The indictment, which contains one count only, alleges that the two men "deprived three Bosniak civilians of their lives, by shooting them with firearms", in Kozluk village, Zvornik Municipality, on June 26, 1992. One civilian allegedly managed to run away from the scene.

During the course of the war Tomic and Josic were members of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS.

In the indictment, the Prosecution proposes the examination of five witnesses and one expert witness as well as presentation of 24 pieces of material evidence.

The Tuzla Prosecution originally opened the investigation against the two men. However, the Tuzla Court determined that it was not competent to try this case, referring it to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the course of the investigation the two indictees denied having committed the crime, claiming that they were not present when the crime was committed. The Prosecution claims to have examined witnesses who recognized the two indictees, linking them to the crime.

The State Prosecution filed a motion with the State Court asking it to pronounce prohibiting measures against the two indictees, including a ban on leaving their place of residence, arguing that there is a possibility they may try to flee.
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