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24 November 2006

Zoran Jankovic Pleaded Not Guilty

Zoran Jankovic denies charges in the war crimes indictment filed before the Court of BiH.
The indictee Zoran ‘Zoka’ Jankovic pleaded not guilty before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to both counts of his indictment.

“I don’t feel guilty. That is someone else”, said Jankovic.

According to the indictment, between April and the end of June 1992, Jankovic participated as member of Serb Army and jointly with members of paramilitary formations in attacks on Bosniak civilians in the Zvornik and Kalesija areas.

The indictment goes on to allege that, among other things, on April 29, 1992 Jankovic and another person joined by members of paramilitary formations arrested a group of Bosniak civilians who were hiding in a forest in Snagovo village, part of the Zvornik municipality.

After detaining them, Jankovic and others escorted the civilians to Rasidov Han in Snagovo, where they killed 36 people and injured three others. According to the indictment, they immediately burned the victims’ bodies in order to conceal the crime,.

Jankovic has been in custody since May 2006. The Court confirmed the indictment on November 8, 2006.

According to the law, after a plea has been entered the indictment must be sent to the trial chamber for scheduling of the main hearing, which must start within 90 days.
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