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25 November 2015

Witnesses Describe Murder of Old Woman in Josava at Brocilo Trial

Arnes Grbesic BIRN BiH Doboj
A prosecution witness testifying at the trial of Marko Brocilo said he saw the defendant enter a civilian’s house in the summer of 1992 and heard a gunshot afterwards.
Brocilo has been charged with killing civilian Kata Matic in the village of Josava in the municipality of Vukosavlje between August and September 1992. Josava was previously located in the municipality of Odzak.

Prosecution witness Ljiljana Brocilovic told the district court of Doboj said she visited the home of the elderly Kata Matic with her brother Miroslav, the defendant, his brother Dragomir and Jovan Popadic in August or September 1992. She said they went to her house with a tractor, which her brother drove.

“Miroslav drove the tractor away. Marko, Dragomir, Jovan and I left the house. The old woman was lying on a bed. When we left, Marko returned to the house. I heard a gunshot. Marko came out of the house, carrying four packs of cigarettes,” Brocilovic said.

Responding to a question from the defense, Brocilovic said her brother Miroslav was a suspect in Kata Matic’s murder in 1992.

Miroslav Pantic also testified at today’s hearing. He said Jovan Popadic asked him to drive some things to his brother-in-law’s house with his tractor.

“I stopped in front of a house in Vrbovac, which was inhabited by Croats. My late father’s rifle was in the tractor. They went out in front of that house. I drove the tractor away to the crossroads. I heard a gunshot. When I returned, Drago was shouting at Marko for having killed the old woman. I was detained in Odzak in 1993. The police beat me so I would admit to having killed the old woman, but I didn’t do it,” Pantic said.

Also testifying at today’s hearing, Jovan Popadic said he, Ljiljana Brocilovic, and Dragomir Brocilo got off the tractor, while the defendant and Miroslav Pantic drove away.

“When Marko and Miroslav left to make a U turn with the tractor, we heard a gunshot. When they came back, Miroslav said Marko had killed the old woman,” Popadic said.

Popadic said he reported the incident to the Command of the 16th Krajiska Brigade of the Bosnian Serb Army.

“Miroslav Antic was arrested after that. Rumours said his rifle was confiscated due to the murder of the old woman,” Popadic said.

Court forensic expert Anto Balazanovic said the exhumation of Matic’s remains was conducted in late November 2000 and an autopsy was performed several days later.

“Bone fractures indicated she died a violent death. Her death could be caused by firearms or a blunt object,” Blazanovic said.

The trial will continue on December 1.

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