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24 May 2016

Witness Recalls Electric Shock Torture in Bileca

Justice Report BIRN Sarajevo

At the trial of four former Bosnian Serb soldiers, a prosecution witness said that he was abused and tortured with electric shocks at a local barracks in the town of Bileca in 1992.

Witness Marinko Pazin told the state court on Tuesday that he was arrested and taken from Rotimlje near Stolac to Bileca, where he was abused in a classroom in the barracks in May 1992.

“A soldier comes and orders us to keep our heads down and arms behind our backs. They hit you twice, three times and you fall. They electrocuted us – [with] electric batons and they used fists and kicked us,” said Pazin.

He accused one of the defendants, Boris Bosnjak, of giving him an electric shock on his ear.

Bosnjak is on trial alongside Milos Mavrak, Miodrag Grubicic and Ilija Djajic, charged with the abuse of non-Serb prisoners in the Bileca barracks from May to August 1992. They are all charged as former members of the Bosnian Serb Army.

The witness recalled that he was once taken to another room where he saw a naked woman and that he was ordered to rape her. After refusing, he was beaten. Later he learned the woman was mentally ill.

“We heard screams from below and we just waited for our turn,” said the witness.

Also on Tuesday, at the beginning of the trial of former Croatian Defence Council fighter Jozo Djojic for crimes in Odzak, a prosecution witness said that the defendant raped her.

She said that the rape lasted two to three hours, but to her it seemed like an eternity.

According to the witness, Djojic raped her and ordered her to give him oral sex.

During the assault, he kicked her, pulled her hair, cursed and threatened to kill her son and husband, she added.

Djojic, a former member of the 102nd Brigade of the Croatian Defence Council, is charged with raping a woman in July 1992 in Odzak.

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