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27 August 2014

Witness’ Observations after Taking Srebrenica Residents away

Amer Jahic BIRN BiH Sarajevo
At the trial of Ostoja Stanisic and Marko Milosevic, who are charged with genocide in Srebrenica, the Bosnian Prosecution reads a statement given by witness Zivorad Jovanovic during the investigation in which he says that he saw Srebrenica men in a school building in Petkovci in July 1995.
As read by Prosecutor Predrag Tomic, in his statement given to the State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA, the witness said that he was present in a new school building in Petkovci, Zvornik municipality, in July 1995, when unknown uniformed men brought Srebrenica men.
The statement further indicates that, after that witness Jovanovic went to the main road in Petkovci, where he stood next to an orchard.

As he told the investigators, while he was standing at that place, he noticed that commanding staff of the Sixth Battalion of Zvornik Brigade with the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, went towards the school building and came back. He said that he saw Commander Stanisic, Deputy Milosevic, as well as Commander Milan Stanisic.

The witness noticed that food and water was taken, most probably from the Sixth Battalion’s Command, to the captives.

He told the investigators that he did not see the murders next to the new school building, but he heard about them a month later. The witness said that, during the day and night he heard shooting in Petkovci, which he left the following day.  

Jovanovic’s statement was read after a medical court expert had determined that any type of stress posed an additional risk to his health.

Stanisic and Milosevic are on trial for the murder of about 1,000 Srebrenica residents committed in Petkovci and on a nearby dam in mid-July 1995. The indictment alleges that the captives were transported from the school building to the dam. According to the charges, Stanisic was Commander of the Sixth Battalion with the Zvornik Brigade, while Milosevic was his Deputy.  

The trial is due to continue on September 3.
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