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15 February 2007

Vukovic granted bail

The Trial Chamber has released Foca accused Radmilo Vukovic from custody.

The Court BiH has allowed Radmilo Vukovic, a former Army of Republika Srpska soldier charged with the rape of a Bosniak woman in Foca in 1992, to leave custody and stand trial on bail.

The decision followed the February 6 hearing when the Prosecution questioned the only two witnesses in the case against Vukovic.

The Trial Chamber explained that "the circumstances in terms of reasons for detention have changed", meaning that there was no need to prolong it.

According to the indictment, during the summer of 1992 Vukovic raped protected witness A on multiple occasions, after which she was expelled and gave birth to a child. Witness A claims that the indictee is the father of the child.

The next hearing at this trial is scheduled for February 22, when the Prosecution should end its evidence procedure with the presentation of physical evidence.
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