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5 November 2014

Trial of Redzep Salaj Begins

Mirsad Arnautovic BIRN BiH Brcko
The trial of Redzep Salaj, who is charged with crimes against civilians and prisoners of war in the Brcko area, has begun with reading of the indictment and presentation of introductory statements before the Basic Court of Brcko District.
Prosecutor Radmilo Ivanovic said that the Prosecution would prove the allegations contained in the indictment by examining a number of witnesses and injured parties, as well as experts from Belgrade, who were involved in investigating crimes committed in Brcko.

Defence attorney Osman Mulahalilovic said that his client did not commit crimes during the war and that the Brcko District Prosecution “will not be able to prove the allegations contained in the indictment” during the course of the trial.

Mulahalilovic said that, in this case the prosecution would examine several injured parties, whom he called “professional witnesses, who appear at other war-crime trials as well”.

“A criminal report has already been filed against one of them due to false testimony,” Mulahalilovic said.

The Brcko District Prosecution charges Salaj with having participated in murders, torture and inhumane treatment of civilians and prisoners of war in Brcko municipality.

Considering the fact that Salaj has been held in custody since the beginning of June of this year, both parties requested the Trial Chamber to speed up the trial.

Mensur Peljto was originally charged together with Salaj but the proceeding against him was separated. The beginning of his trial has still not been scheduled.

The next hearing is scheduled to be held on November 24, when first witnesses will be examined.

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