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3 February 2010

Tomic and Josic: Relatively Severe Injury

Court medical expert Vidak Simic says he has determined, after conducting a medical analysis and physical examination, that indictee Krsto Josic was not able to shoot and was not capable of serving in the military in June 1992.
Presenting his report, pathologist Vidak Simic, who was invited by Krsto Josic's Defence, said he determined, on the basis of medical expertise and examination of scars, that Josic's injury was "relatively severe", adding that the indictee was certainly not able to move his hands normally for two months.

"Seventeen years after the wounding, the bullet entrance and exit points can clearly be seen. I consider that the medical treatment of this wound had to last for more than two months. During that time Josic was not able to raise his hands above his head, let alone shoot," the court expert said.  

The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Ljubo Tomic and Krsto Josic, as members of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, with having "deprived three Bosniak civilians of their lives, by shooting them using firearms", while one civilian managed to run away, in Kozluk village, Zvornik municipality, on June 26, 1992.

Josic's Defence has sought to prove that the indictee was not present in Kozluk on that day, because he had been wounded in May 1992 and was recuperating at his sister's at the time.  

"In case of this type of injury, the functions and movements of the shoulder and right arm cannot be used for at least two months. If Josic was wounded at the beginning of May, it is absolutely certain that he was not able to use his hand normally at the end of June. I think he was not even able to dress himself without help, because this was a severe injury. He may have been able to carry a rifle in his right hand, but he certainly was not able to shoot or carry it on his shoulder," Simic said.

During cross-examination the Prosecution asked the court expert to say whether the indictee would have been able to shoot while holding a gun on his left shoulder. Simic responded by saying that he could have done this, but, given the fact that indictee Josic was right-handed, he would not have known how to do it.

The Defence of Tomic and Josic completed their evidence presentation by presenting the court expert's report and material evidence.  

The next hearing is due to take place on February 24, when the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina will present its closing arguments.
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