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26 October 2009

Tomic and Josic: Prosecution's Material Evidence

At the trial for crimes committed in Zvornik Municipality, several pieces of material evidence have been presented, most of which refer to determining the identity of the three killed civilians.  
The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina presented several pieces of material evidence at the trial of Ljubo Tomic and Krsto Josic, who are charged with crimes committed in Zvornik.
Some of the evidence concerns the identity of the remains of the victims found in Marhosi forest, in Zvornik Municipality. On the basis of the remains, Izet and Semso Nuhanovic and Muradif Ibrahimovic have been identified.
The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges the two indictees, as members of the Republika Srpska Army, VRS, with having "deprived three Bosniak civilians of their lives, by shooting with fire arms" in Kozluk, Zvornik Municipality, on June 26, 1992. 
A report on the exhumation of the victims in the Zvornik area, made by the Cantonal Court in Tuzla, and photos taken at the crime scene on October 20, 2003 were also presented as material evidence. 
Prosecutor Adnan Gulamovic presented documents, confirming that the case against Tomic and Josic was referred by the Cantonal Court in Tuzla to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina for further processing. 
The Defence of the second indictee asked the Trial Chamber to order an expert analysis to be undertaken to prove that Krsto Josic "could not have committed the crime of which he is charged because he was wounded at the time". Defence attorney Nenad Rubez said that he had proper medical documentation. 
The Trial Chamber will render a decision concerning this proposal at a later stage.
The trial is due to continue on November 4, when the last Prosecution witness will be examined. 
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