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12 October 2009

Tomic and Josic: Pale With Shock

A Prosecution witness says that Nurija Nuhanovic told him in Kozlucki tabaci forest that "the Tomici guys" had killed his son, his cousin and his neighbour.   
Serif Islamovic, testifying for the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, told the Court that on June 26, 1992 he joined about ten residents of Kaldurani village in Zvornik Municipality, who fled to a nearby forest, called Kozlucki tabaci, due to shooting.

"While we were in the woods, Nurija Nuhanovic came. He was pale with shock. He said: 'They killed my Izet, Semso and Muradif'. He wanted to go to the location where they had been killed, but we did not let him do that, because we were afraid he could get killed as well," Islamovic said.

The witness said that Nuhanovic told him his son Izet, cousin Semso and neighbour Muradif Ibrahimovic had been "killed by the Tomici guys", but he did not mention any names. 

The Prosecution charges Ljubo Tomic and Krsto Josic, as members of the former Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Army, with having killed three Bosniak civilians, by shooting with firearms, in Marhosi forest in Kozluk, Zvornik Municipality, on June 26, 1992.

Islamovic said there were two hamlets called Tomici in the vicinity of Kaldurani village, explaining that "Serb hamlets were usually named by the last family name of their residents". 

"Nurija did not mention any specific names. He just said they were from Tomici. Later on, after the war, he said they had been killed by a man called Ljubo," the witness said. 

On September 28 this year Nurija Nuhanovic was examined as a Prosecution witness. He spoke about the murders that were committed in June 1992.

Islamovic headed through the woods towards "free territory", together with Nurija and a few other Kaldurani residents. He said that at some stage Nurija was captured. He heard he was detained in a detention camp in Zvornik.

"Kaldurani residents, who passed by us two or three days after the murder, told us they had recognized the bodies of Izet and Semso. They said a finger had been cut from one of them and a few fingers from the other," the witness said, adding he could not remember the names of the people who told him this. 

The trial is due to continue on October 15.
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