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26 October 2015

Three Year Prison Sentence against Ilija Pavic Repealed

Albina Sorguč BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina repealed the verdict in the Ilija Pavic case and ordered a retrial. Pavic was sentenced to three years in prison for war crimes in Livno.

The appeals filed by the defense and the prosecution were partially accepted, and a retrial was ordered at the Supreme Court, as confirmed by court spokesperson Ilhana Tahmaz Jamak.

The prosecution’s appeal called for a longer prison sentence, while the defense called for an acquittal. The revocation of the first instance verdict and a new trial were also requested.

On February 10, 2015, the cantonal court of Livno found Pavic, a former member of the military police of the Second Battalion of the Croatian Defense Council, guilty of killing Serb civilian Milorad Crncevic during a raid on the night of August 8 or 9, 1992.

The first instance court determined that Pavic and two other deceased police officers entered Draginja Rosic’s house. When Milorad Crncevic left the house, Pavic ordered him to stop and shot him in the groin. Crncevic died shortly afterwards.

The cantonal court of Livno handed down the same verdict in December 2013, but the Supreme Court repealed it a year later.

The start of the new trial date at the Supreme Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be scheduled at a later stage.

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