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27 May 2011

Serbian Court Approves Ratko Mladic's Extradition

Maja Kovacevic-Vucic, a court spokesperson, said that the court has decided that all the conditions for the extradition have been met and that Mladic is fit to stand trial in the Hague.
Defence lawyer Milos Saljic told reporters that he would appeal the decision on Monday.

The ruling came after Mladic, 69, appeared before an investigating judge at Serbia's Special War Crimes Court on Friday afternoon, as his family continues to argue that he is too ill to stand trial.

Serbian Deputy War Crimes Prosecutor Bruno Vekaric told RTS earlier on Friday that the defendant has three days to appeal the court ruling.

Mladic should be transferred to the Hague within seven days, Vekaric explained, adding that it is important that the extradition process is carried out according to Serbian law.

According to Vekaric, following his arrest Mladic did not have any specific demands. He is currently under medical supervision.

Mladic's son and wife, meanwhile, have said that the former Bosnian Serb military leader is not fit to stand trial because of his health.

After visiting with the defendant for two hours on Friday morning, Bosijlka and Darko Mladic told journalists they were very upset about the condition he is in. They said they will demand that he is transferred to a hospital because his health condition is "very bad".

They also demanded that Mladic be examined by an independent commission of doctors, which should include two Russian doctors.

Before heading to court on Friday, Mladic was examined by doctors. His defence lawyer said that they are awaiting the results of the medical tests.

The hearing on Friday was held after an intial appearance on Thursday was interrupted because of the state of the defendant's health.
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