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8 October 2008

Savic et al: Events directed by Kalinovik police

A Prosecution witness recalls how he survived the shooting, after having been detained in Kalinovik.

Fejzija Hadzic, former director of the Communal Services Company in Kalinovik, said that he was detained on June 25, 1992, adding that, after having been held in the detention camps "controlled by the police, he was brought somewhere in order to be shot.  
"All those detention camps and all the things that happened to Bosniaks, who were detained in them, were directed by the police in Kalinovik. They were the ones who brought us to those places, guarded us and took us somewhere else to perform forced labour. In the end they handed us over to whoever they wanted to," Hadzic said.
The Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina charges Krsto Savic with the crimes in Kalinovik municipality. The indictment alleges that members of the Public Safety Station in Kalinovik participated in those crimes. At that time Savic was chief of the Safety Services Center in Trebinje, which was responsible for the Public Safety Station in Kalinovik.
The same indictment charges Milko Mucibabic, former policeman from Nevesinje, with having participated in the crimes against Bosniaks committed in that town.
The witness was among "male residents of Ljehovina village", who were captured and driven to "Miladin Radojevic" school building, where he stayed for about ten days. During the detention he was exposed to "horrible conditions in the detention camp, lack of food and sleeping conditions".
As indicated by Hadzic, in early July 1992 he was among about 70 other Bosniaks, who were transferred from the school building to "Barutni magacin" detention camp, in which he survived "monstrous frights" in the course of his 30-day detention.
"On August 5 some soldiers came and beat us up severely. Then they loaded us on a military truck, which was escorted by a police car with a rotating light. Some time later we arrived to a barn in Ratine village. They took us out and started shooting at us. After having been hit on my knee, I fell to the ground. I was the only one who survived the massacre," the witness said.
The killed people's bodies were dragged into the barn and set on fire, but he "managed to open the back door and run away".
In the course of cross-examination the witness told Slavisa Prodanovic, the Defence attorney of indictee Savic, that he "cannot say for sure who was responsible for this crime", adding that he was sure that the action was "thoroughly plans, as everybody knew what was going to happen".
Second Prosecution witness Jasar Vuk was detained in the police building in Kalinovik in the course of 1992. This witness testified at the trial of Ratko Bundalo, Nedjo Zeljaja and Djordjislav Askraba, former members of military and police structures in Kalinovik, who are currently being tried before the Court in Sarajevo.
"I spent three months in the police building. I do not know why they detained me. I never did any bad things to anybody. The conditions were fine. We had food and water. They would sometimes take us to the toilet. However, they never allowed us to go out," Vuk said.
The trial is due to continue on Thursday, October 9, 2008.

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