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17 October 2008

Savic and Mucibabic: Summon for imprisonment

A former reserve policeman testified on the imprisonment of men and women in camps in the school and police buildings in Kalinovik.

State Prosecution witness Milivoje Faladzic, a former reserve policemen from Kalinovik , said that his duty during 1992 was to inform men and women to come to the Municipality building.Those who responded were held in the school in this town.

"The Chief of police ordered us to inform several men and women from village of Jelesac to respond to the invitation. So we did that,"said Faladzic adding that women were informed in same way but he did not do that.

The State Prosecution holds responsible Krsto Savic, the former chief of the Centre of Security Services in Trebinje, under who’s control was the centre in Kalinovik, and Milko Mucibabic, a policeman from Nevesinje for crimes against civilians in that area.

The indictment especially emphasises that policemen from Kalinovik arrested around 280 civilians from the village of Jelesac and transferred them to camps in school and police buildings, where most of those civilians were "murdered or missing."

Faladzic said that he heard "Bosniaks attacking Jelesac" and that he saw some houses burning. On the day after, with no precise date, the witness claimed that he went with two policemen in Jelesac to see if there were any dead.

"I saw Dervisa Pervan dead in a puddle of blood, and a little five year-old girl wounded in the cheek," said the witness, adding she was taken to hospital and after she was taken care of, brought to school where her aunt already was imprisoned.

The witness could not tell who ordered her capturing but he said he thought that the chief of the police was responsible.

In the school there were 200-300 women, children and older men.

"Two or three times I have heard those prisoners. There were no problems during my shifts," said the witness pointing out that he did not heard about problems from others or that women were taken to be raped.

During the following part of the trial, the Prosecution read the testimony of the woman who could not come due to health-related problems but the public was excluded from that part of the hearing.

The next court session will be held October 22.

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