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25 August 2008

Savic and Mucibabic: Escorting convoys from Nevesinje

A former policeman recalls the departure of convoys of Bosniak civilians from Nevesinje.
A Prosecution witness speaks about the departure of a convoy of buses, which transported Bosniak women and children from Nevesinje. Aleksa Kravic was one of the policemen, who "safeguarded" the convoys, but he could not remember the exact date when this had happened.

The indictment against Krsto Savic and Milko Mucibabic alleges that, on several occasions on June 23 and June 24, 1992, members of the Public Safety Station in Nevesinje used a public address system to ask Bosniaks to gather in front of the former municipal building. From that location the civilians were allegedly transported to Mostar "under police escort."

It is alleged that the civilians were transported to Buska place, "which was situated between the two military lines." When they got there they were released and told to move towards the territory controlled by the Bosnian Army. "Due to the shooting that came from the military positions" some civilians were killed and several were wounded when they tried to escape to the other side. Some of them stepped on landmines.

Kravic said that he did not hear the invitations, announced over public address system, adding that he did not know that any civilians had been killed when they tried to go to the other side.

However, he did recall that he recognised some people, who were in the convoys, specifically mentioning Muamer Sarancic, who was his old schoolmate.

"I told him to get on the bus and to move to the rear end in order to hide himself," Kravic said, adding that Sarancic told him that he was afraid, as his father and brother had already been detained. The witness said that he advised him to say that he was "15 or 16 years old."

Sucro and Senad Sarancic have already appeared as witnesses at this trial. They spoke about the capture of Bosniaks and their detention in Nevesinje and Bileca.

Aleksa Kravic said that he did not know who had ordered the policemen to safeguard the convoys.

The Prosecutor reminded the witness that, in his earlier statement given during the course of the investigation, he had said that the policemen had been given "a strict order" not to let men who were over 18, join the convoys. However, Kravic did not repeat these allegations in the courtroom. For that reason the Prosecutor included his written statement as evidence.

The next hearing is due to take place on August 27, when three more witnesses will be examined.
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