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7 October 2015

Re-examination of Witnesses Requested at Ostojic Trial

Lamija Grebo BIRN BiH Sarajevo

The defense of Zarije Ostojic proposed the re-examination of a witness at a status conference held before the district court of Eastern Sarajevo.

The district prosecution has charged Zarije Ostojic, a former member of reserve police forces with a special unit of the public safety station in Vlasenica, with participating in the physical abuse of civilians held in the Susica detention camp in the municipality of Vlasenica in 1992.

Defense attorney Petko Pavlovic, who was appointed Ostojic’s new defense counsel at the previous hearing, asked that witnesses be invited to testify again.

The status conference was held in order to discuss whether Pavlovic is able to defend Ostojic, given that he has many other commitments at the state court.

Responding to questions from trial chamber chair Zinaida Husic, Pavlovic said he would be able to adequately represent Ostojic despite his commitments. Pavlovic said his work also depends on the terms of the trial and the time needed for his preparation.

He said he would need statements from all of the witnesses in relation to the events that took place in the Susica detention camp in 1992.

Contrary to the defense, the prosecution agreed to read the presented evidence and not to invite witnesses to testify again.

The trial began in 2009. The court ordered both the prosecution and the defense to prepare their opening statements for November 23.
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