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14 July 2015

State Prosecution Presents Material Evidence at Avdovic and Vintila Trial

Selma Ucanbarlic BIRN BiH Sarajevo

Na suđenju za zločine počinjene u Centralnom zatvoru i bivšoj kasarni “Viktor Bubanj” u Sarajevu, Tužilaštvo BiH uložilo je dokumente kojima pokazuje na koji način je pribavljalo dokaze u ovom predmetu.

The state prosecution presented documents on its evidence collection at the trial of Ramiz Avdovic and Iulian-Nicolae Vintila.

Vintila and Ramiz Avdovic are on trial for crimes committed against Serb civilians in the Viktor Bubanj military barracks and on the fifth floor of the district prison in Sarajevo. The Bosnian state prosecution alleges that civilians who were held in those facilities were subjected to suffering and torture and taken to other locations to perform forced labour.

The indictment alleges that Avdovic was the guard commander on the fifth floor of the district prison in Sarajevo and at the former Viktor Bubanj military barracks, while Vintila was a cook and guard in the former barracks.

At today’s hearing, prosecutor Dzevad Muratbegovic presented orders and informational notes the prosecution had sent to various institutions as part of their investigation. They were included as additional evidence in the case file.

The ten documents included a request to access the archives of the Ministry of Justice.

“We are also including a prosecutorial order sent to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, requesting permission to access the presidency’s office material from April to December 1992,” Muratbegovic said.

Muratbegovic also presented a request made to the State Investigation and Protection Agency to collect evidence on the case and the defendants.

The next hearing will be held on August 18, when the prosecution will continue presenting material evidence.

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